Monday, October 31, 2011

What a fun weekend!

We had a great weekend here--even if it was a bit chilly.
We headed down to the Scaramie--the downtown trick or treat Saturday morning and the boys had a blast and came home with quite a haul.  Bruiser would not talk to anyone, but then he is our shy kid.  He would hold his bucket up to get candy, but that was it.  It was chilly, windy and cloudy but it was fun.
An unsure dragon/dinosaur.

The force is strong with this one...

Getting the loot.

Ring the fire bell!  Bruiser would have nothing to do with it.

Then our cousins called and asked if Turbo could come over and spend the night, so we headed over and had dinner with them and left Turbo to have a fun evening.

I cleaned like a mad woman on Sunday--the upstairs bathroom got cleaned from top to bottom--mostly.  It hasn't had all the parts clean at the same time for quite a while--I clean what needs to be cleaned as it needs it.  But now it's all clean.  I like it, but getting it that way, not so fun.  I also had my date with the vacuum--demanding bit of machinery.

Around 3:00 Sunday afternoon, Turbo came home and we all--cousins too--carved pumpkins.  The results:
Carving away!

The four results this year.

Cousin T's.

Cousin H's

Bruiser's(that mom carved).


We will be putting them out tonight and letting the light shine in them.  But we won't be handing out candy at home--early anyway as we are taking the boys over to trick or treat with their cousins.  It should be a good time.
So a busy weekend but a good one too.  More Halloween goodness tomorrow.  If I remember to take the camera.


Do you remember when they would do the eye test at school and then send a note home with the kids who needed glasses?  When I was eleven I was one of those kids.  I took my note home to Mom and off we went to the eye doctor.
Turns out I needed glasses, but my eyes were not equally bad—one was near sighted and the other was far sighted with a slight astigmatism.  So I saw lights as a fairly clear center but they had a halo around them.  I put on my glasses for the first time and what do you know, lights didn’t have halos.
My first eyeglasses were frames that were wire rimmed and square.  They were on clearance and by the time I had worn them once to school and had them called granny glasses, I knew why.  Too bad getting another pair of glasses had to wait until the next year’s visit to the doctor.
Now days it’s far easier to get eyeglasses, and without breaking the bank.  You can even get eyeglasses online easy peasy.  GlassesUSA has them on line.  Or you can get a pair of sunglasses or reading glasses that look stylish and are less expensinve than the eye doctor charges.  Up to 110% less.  They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 
What’s even better?  A sale!  You just need your eyeglasses prescription and you’re good to go. 
Their fall sale is in full swing:
Fall Sale:
Buy any 2 pairs of glasses and get all 3 protective lens coatings AND U.S. shipping for FREE. Code: PERFECTPAIR
Buy one pair of glasses and get any other pair for FREE! Use code: BOGOUSA
Take 10% off any order. Code: Blog10

So go visit
Or see their Facebook page to keep up with all the things happening at GlassesUSA.

This is a sponsored post written by me and all opinions are completely my own.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Confessions--Hate/Love edition.

Time to confess and link up with Mamarazzi.
And go:

  • I hate migraines.
  • I hate onions--especially raw ones.
  • I hate crazy cold temperatures--yesterday morning it was a crazy -7F.
  • I hate cleaning bathrooms and both mine are due for more than a swipe and a promise.
  • I hate having to date the vacuum--but it expects attention weekly.
  • I love weekends.
  • I love Halloween.
  • I love beaches and cabana boys--although I see far too few of either.
  • I love grown-up getaways--even if they are for work.
  • I love my down comforter--so cozy and snuggly.
  • I love cuddling with Bruiser--and I have the bruises to show for it.
  • I love that Turbo has moved up a level in reading--less intensive help, more classroom time.
So now I can head into our weekend with a clear conscience.  Pumpkin carving, downtown trick or treat here I come.  I'm thinking mad scientist/nerd for me, Darth Vader for Turbo, green dragon/dinosaur for Bruiser and not sure if Nick will dress up this year.
Happy Halloween everyone and go see Mamarazzi for more confessions. 


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Spin Cycle--Halloween Then, Halloween Now

This week it's all Halloween again at the Spin Cycle.  But it's a look at then and now.  I did something similar last year showing Halloween costumes past and present, both BC(before children) and AC(after children).
So I get to go a different direction for this spin.  Jen asked how Halloween is different from when I was a kid.  Looking at the variety of places we can take the boys to get candy, I'd say there has been an extension of the holiday.  I could take both boys to the pediatricians office Friday, downtown on Saturday morning, to the university union, frat mall, and the campus cafeteria on Monday evening, and also take them normal trick or treating.  That is a heck of a lot of free candy.  I know most of those are so you don't have to take your kid trick or treating.  And we took advantage of some of them when Turbo was little--too little to really go trick or treating.  But to the older kid, most of those options are a bit lame and there is no getting out of trick or treating.
Trick or treating was the best part of Halloween.  However I only did a bit of it as a kid.  We lived outside of town and a half mile between houses did deter the whole walking around for trick or treat.  Add in the fact that we usually had snow on the ground by Halloween and inside activities were far more appealing.  We did do the church Halloween "carnival" for a few years, but by the time I was probably 13 I was done trick or treating and really done celebrating Halloween.
Until I got to college.  That's when going to Halloween parties got to be a bit fun again.  I went to a couple and then just kind of dressed up for work when I could and got the cheap candy that was in the store--for the possibility of trick or treaters, not so I could munch on mini candy bars or anything.  Things really got more fun--from the other side of the bowl--when we got our first house.  We would make sure to have the pumpkin out and the light on to see who and what would come to the door.  True, there were years when the face was drawn on the pumpkin with a marker because that's all we had time for with work and school, but we always had one.
Actually, that was the one really consistent element to Halloween.  We always carved a pumpkin--the only years I didn't were the two years I lived in the dorms.  Lots of jack-o-lanterns.  We got creative with them--Nick being artistic an all.  Then they came out with those great carving kits that make making pumpkin masterpieces easy.
We are pumpkin carving with family this weekend and Turbo is excited--he's old enough to wield the pumpkin saws this year--mostly on his own--with lots of supervision of course.
Have a happy or spooky Halloween!

small cycle

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WWTK--Let's Go Shopping!

We Want to Know Wednesday and it's shopping time.  Queso wants to know how we shop.  So answer the questions and link it up:

  1. Do you shop 'til you drop, or are you in and out as quick as possible?  I tend toward in and out.  Small kids kind of make you more efficient in the store.  But if I get to go shopping with friends, then I take more time and go to more stores.
  2. Are you a price conscious shopper?  I like to think I am.  I like to get the best bargain--sales and clearance and I am a champion thrift store shopper.
  3. What store could you spend hours in?  Bookstores hands down.
  4. What is the most frivolous purchase you have ever made?  It's been a long time since I could go shopping for something frivolous.  I don't see books as frivolous, maybe the last time I went to the chocolate shop.
  5. What is the last thing you bought for yourself?  Umm, it would have to be books at the used book sale at the library on Sunday.
Now go see the lovely hosts of this here party:  Mamarazzi, Queso, and Crazymom.  Go snoop and see how other people shop.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Randomizing Tuesday Talking

So it's Tuesday.  Better than Monday.  Mondays suck.  Tuesday isn't much better but still, it's not Monday so here we go with the random:

  • Would someone tell me how to get Bruiser to stop sleeping with his cars?  He has matchbox cars and monster trucks and he sleeps on with them.  It can't be comfortable.  Why couldn't he decide to sleep with something soft like a stuffed animal or a blanket?  No it's monster trucks or Lightening McQueen.  He may not have a pacifier anymore, but I still end up hunting for small toys in the dark in the middle of the night.
  • Halloween is fast approaching.  Looks like this one could be cold and snowy.  We are supposed to get  6-10 inches tonight.  Winter is here folks. At least for us.
  • I dislike raking leaves--sets off my allergies, but I dislike raking wet nasty leaves more.
  • I'm so happy to be in Mamarazzi's Autumn Swap.  It's so fun to get mail that isn't bills, even if there is the stress of shopping for someone and hoping they like what I pick out.
  • Lego minifigures kind of suck.  Stepping on them is no fun.  Looking for them is no fun.  I do way to much of both.  They make a loud noise in the dryer.  Yeah, I'm not the best at checking pockets.  Sometimes it's scary in those pockets.
  • There is something satisfying about watching things get blown up and destroyed.  
  • Turbo has settled on being a mad scientist unless the Darth Vader costume I won from Geek Mom shows up.  He will make a great mad scientist.  He will have fun with the Darth costume too.  Bruiser will be a very cute green bug, unless it's very cold out then he will be a green dragon/dinosaur with red spots.  
  • I have yet to see any of the new shows on the networks this year.  I have seen every new Mythbusters and all the Top Gears though.
  • And as a nod to Impulsive, my Christmas list has a Kindle, a new set of wine glasses, a Wii fit board/game, time, naps, love and snuggles form my boys--big and little.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to get some of the things on my list.
So go join Stacy for more Random Tuesday thought--she has become our fearless leader.
Talk to us Tuesday with Shawn and Impulsive is talking about everything and nothing.  I'm good at that. 

Seriously Shawn

Happy List

Time to think about what makes me happy.

  1. New books, well new to me books.
  2. My husband getting all happy because I called him dreamy.
  3. My Wednesday night out with the girls for a drink.
  4. Being all snuggled inside when it's storming outside.
  5. Getting things organized for scrapping, even if I didn't get to the scrapping part.
  6. Halloween makes me happy.
  7. Having chores done makes me happy--the process not so much.
  8. Putting the down comforter on the bed makes me happy.
  9. Having a nice warm office makes me happy on cold mornings.
  10. Hot tea makes me happy.  Chai is the best, but there are Celestial Seasonings and Good Earth that are wonderful too.
So there you have it, things that are making me happy this week.  Go see Mamarazzi for more happy lists.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Autumn Swap

A swapping I will go.  Yep I'm signing up for another swap hosted by Mamarazzi.  She's doing an autumn swap.  What better way to celebrate autumn, especially since autumn comes with a healthy dose of winter in my part of the country.  so looking forward to seeing who I get matched up with and then heading out shopping for some great autumn goodies.


Another Monday?

Well, it was a weekend.  We did a lot.  Some of it was fun.  Some of it was less than fun.  I'll give you a list and you can see what we accomplished this weekend.

  • Nick and Turbo went antelope hunting and got a doe.  they left at 5:30 am on Saturday and were back in town by 9:00.  And that's with an hour and a half drive both ways to get to the hunting area.
  • I got the laundry done on Saturday (I had towels left but they don't count).  
  • Nick went through some of his art stuff and culled down the pile.
  • I went through my scrapbooking stuff and got quite a bit ready to send off on the paper swap I'm doing with Stacy from SLMPeterson.
  • Turbo had a friend over Saturday morning and then spent the afternoon with that friend.
And all that was just Saturday.
Sunday we:
  • Moved thigns around in the attic and got rid of some stuff that we really didn't need.
  • Reorganized and moved some stuff up to the attic that will be better stored up there.
  • Introduced Bruiser to the attic.  He loves it.  We have created a monster.
  • Saved a lost dog for it's owner, and then the owner found us and her dog.
  • I got to go to the used book sale at the library.
  • turbo spent the day hanging out with his friend again.  They rode bikes and played with their Bakugons (which I learned more about than I ever wanted to).
  • I vacuumed the living room.
  • Nick vacuumed the family room.
  • We got some of the meat from the antelope ground into burger.  It's wrapped and in the freezer.
All in all a very full weekend.  For all of it Bruiser was a typical two year old.  We had tantrums, obstinate moments, sweet moments, moments were I would have gladly sold him to any bidder.  I love him dearly, but wow, he is definitely two.
So, what did you do this weekend?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Confession Friday

Time to fess up to what I've been doing this last week. Ithe weekend will be better if I do--right?   Mamarazzi says it will.  So here goes:
  • I'm a sucker for the bonus material for movies and TV shows.  
  • Turbo likes them too.
  • He also likes the simple games that come on DVDs too.
  • Bruiser has been an impossible two year old recently.
  • Then he goes and does something cute like this:

  • I've been snacking on sunflower seeds.
  • In and of itself this is not bad.
  • However my kidneys may not like it.
  • It's the salt.
  • But I'm drinking water so maybe that will help.
  • It's time to do the laundry tango again.
  • I am sad.  And just a bit happy.
  • We moved Bruiser to the toddler version of his crib.
  • We will be moving him to a real bed by Thanksgiving.
  • He did not fall out of bed, but I had to put him back in bed three times the first night.
  • The kid sleep walks just like his older brother and his dad.
  • Lucky me.
  • I took the polish off my toes Tuesday night.
  • It's time to admit that sandal weather is over for the year.
  • As if two bouts of snow haven't shown me that one.
Well I think that covers my confessions for this week.  If I think of anything else, I can always add it to next week.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Spinning Halloween

So Jen has asked for Halloween themed spins this week.  In looking back through my archives, I did one of these last year which you can see here--Halloween Hits.  So that means I get to go a different direction for this Spin.
Halloween has always been a fun time--trick or treating, parties, get togethers.  I have enjoyed the fun and just a bit creepy side of Halloween.
I'm not a great one for scary movies.  Once, in the very tiny first apartment Nick and I shared, he had some friends over and they brought a scary movie--The Candyman I think--and I knew I would not, could not watch it.  I didn't have a lot of choices so I sat and read a book in the bathroom.  Nick didn't do any more scary movies after that--I think he felt just a bit bad about my hiding sitting in the bathroom.
So if we don't do scary movies, what do we watch for Halloween?  Well, there are some great creepy movies out there that keep things light and funny but just a bit creepy/scary without the blood and gore.  We enjoy watching:
  • Young Frankenstein, 
  • Ghostbusters, 
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas, 
  • Hocus Pocus, 
  • Abbot and Costello meet the Mummy, 
  • the Mummy (with Brendan Fraser), 
  • Jurassic Park
  • any Scooby Doo
We do have to be careful and not watch anything with Zombies.  Turbo still doesn't do well with Zombies.  This year we will be carving pumpkins and doing various activities around town for the boys. Turbo and Nick are thinking bout creating a haunted house in the garage for Halloween.  It will be fun and interesting to see what they come up with--I foresee a trip to the dollar store for props.
So what are your plans this year for Halloween--what do you do for the season--what movies do you watch and can you stand the really scary ones?

small cycle

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Swapoween Stuff!

I got my box of goodies from Kathy at A Tiny Cottage on Grand.  Boy, did she ever come through for me!  Check out the goodies:
The box of goodies!

Bruiser was thrilled with the Halloween stuff.

All the good stuff.

Rats and spiders and pumkins, OH MY!

A pair of adorable pumpkins!

Handy, batty kitchen stuff!

These guys are so cute, perfect for the table.
There were some spider and skull rings for the boys and creepy fabric for decorating and since Turbo has about talk Nick into a haunted house on the garage, the spider and rat will have a home there soon so we can give the creeps to the neighborhood kids.
This swap was brought to us by Beth and Angie--thanks guys!

WWTK--Anger, Movies, and a Splash of Danger

Answer up the questions and join in the fun.
This week's questions are from Mamarazzi:
  1. When was the last time you lost your temper?  I have minor losses of my temper every few days, but for a big one?  The last time I was truly angry was last weekend over the drama about Turbo and the neighbor girls.  And it wasn't yelling swearing angry, more offended, appalled angry for Turbo. 
  2. What 3 words best describe you?  Intelligent, introverted, Mom.
  3. What movie could you watch over and over and never get tired of?  Oh there's lots of these, The Princess Bride, The Goonies, any Indiana Jones movie, Star Wars, Hello Dolly.  I watch movies over and over a lot.  Drives Nick nuts.
  4. If you could do something dangerous, just once, with no risk, what would you do?  I like to say sky diving, but really, who wants to jump out of a perfectly good air plane?  Maybe go set off explosions with the Mythbusters.  It would be interesting and a bit of a rush to be close to one of the explosions they set off.
  5. Which is more important: intelligence or common sense?  I've said before intelligence is nothing without common sense.  You have to have common sense or you can really do nothing practical with all the intelligence in the world.  My vote would be common sense.
So go see Mamarazzi, Queso and Crazymama for more nosy fun.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts--Talking About Nothing

So time for random thoughts.  Cause it's Tuesday and all.
  • Yesterday was one of those weird days where we got to see just about every type of weather Mother Nature could throw at us, snow, rain, wind and sunshine.  I expect a lot of those in the next few weeks until winter hits, oh about the middle of November.
  • A good night's sleep can do wonders for you.  I just need about 100 more of them, I might feel all rested up by then.
  • Nick finally got the hole in the laundry room fixed.  I won't have to dodge that spot when I'm putting clothes in the washing machine now.  This is awesome!
  • Do you ever have a really good idea for a random post and then when you sit down to type--poof it's gone?
  • I swear my butt grows roots at night.  I just have no energy after I get dinner done.  Moving around becomes something that hold no appeal.  Unfortunately Bruiser is on a campaign to make sure I don't sit for long.  He wants this or that or he needs something else, all designed to make sure those roots don't get to deep.  I should thank him, but really I'd be happy growing those roots.
Well that covers my random, go see Stacy for more.


Also go see Shawn and Impulsive for Talking to Us Tuesday.  Yep, double dipping again.

Seriously Shawn

Happy List

The things that make me happy this week are:

  1. Watching my boys play together, as long as I can watch from a distance.  Up close I get a bit tense about the rough and tumble nature of the games.
  2. Having the dishes done, especially if I'm not the one who does them.
  3. Getting a good night's sleep.
  4. Having my hubby home.
  5. The new back screen latch.
  6. Wood stacked for the winter, and stacked well by Turbo.
  7. Reading good books.
  8. Watching Bruiser be a goofy two year old--giving his Pooh a piggy back ride.
And that covers my happy for this week.  Go see Mamarazzi for more Happy.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Almost Good to See Monday

This last weekend had it's ups and downs.
First the ups:
  • Nick got home Friday evening, safe and sound.  He had a successful trip to Dallas.
  • Bruiser had a successful solo over night at Grandma's house.
  • Nick and Turbo had fun hunting--they didn't get one this trip but they plan on going next weekend so hopefully they can get an antelope then.
  • I got some cleaning done--vacuuming, dishes, random laundry.  
  • I also made pumpkin pie bread, and granola.  Both turned out pretty good.
And for the downs.  Well really only one major down.  We had drama with the neighbors again.
They have a dog they got from the pound and this dog had puppies.  All the kids in the neoghborhood like to go see the puppies.  Things have been tense between the kids since another family moved in with kids.  It's like there has been an unspoken competition going on about who would get to play with these kids.  Turbo almost always lost out.
On Saturday, Turbo want to to play with the new kids in the neighborhood.  They told him they had to do homework before they could play.  Turbo passed the time by riding his bike around the block.  He cut through the alley on one of his trips and heard kids voices in the back yard of the neighbors with the puppies.  He went and knocked on the back door to see what was up.  One of the little girls who live there opened the door and the mother dog got out and chased Turbo up the alley and bit his knee, tearing his sweatpants in the process.
The mother came down to see what had happened and to tell us that we really needed to have Turbo call and he was not to open the door at all.  We had to get the story from Turbo on what had really happened because the girls down the street had tried to blame the whole thing on poor Turbo.  And the mother was really believing that her little "angels" could have done nothing wrong.
The up shot of the whole thing is that Turbo will not be playing with them for quite a while.  It really has been time to back off a bit any way.  The older girl there really doesn't get along with Turbo all that well.  She has learned how to push his buttons and reduce him to an angry, crying mess all the while looking like an innocent party.  So we are just not going to be doing as much with them.  I think it's better this way.
It is sad because they could have been and really have been friends.  But I'm not putting my kids in the line of fire because her kids don't want to get caught doing what they know they aren't supposed to.  It just takes more effort to get Turbo to friends' houses now.
So after that bit of drama Saturday night, I'm really glad that Sunday was pretty uneventful.  And I'm almost glad it's Monday.  Oh no, did I really just say that?  I may need more help that I thought.
How was your weekend?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Confession Friday

Time to confess again.  Friday comes every week and is the most appreciated day of the week. I know I like it--especially going home time, cause you know, the weekend starts then!
  • Nick comes home tonight.
  • He was gone just long enough.
  • I'm giving up on the thought of potty training right now.
  • Bruiser has absolutely no interest.
  • He's not three yet.
  • He'll learn eventually.
  • There are very few high schoolers in diapers at graduation.
  • I've decided to pick my battles.
  • Turbo's parent teacher conferences went well.  
  • We like his teacher this year.
  • That is such a relief.  
  • We hated, extremely disliked, loathed, did not see eye to eye with his first grade teacher.
  • I really wonder how many of his problems stem from the fact she did not like him either.
  • Reading is still an issue.
  • But the kid has loads of self confidence.
  • I really wish I knew how to make cute banners.
  • I am all thumbs, software impaired, whatever, when it comes to that stuff though.
  • The University I work at is having Homecoming this weekend.
  • Rah-rah!  
  • I'm hoping to hide at home and not have to deal with the crazy out of towners in for the game.
  • I really like the powdered Donettes.
  • Looking forward to a glass of wine tonight with my hubby.
That's gotr my confessions for this week.  Go see Mamarazzi and share your own confessions.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Spin Cycle--Firsts!

So this weeks's Spin Cycle is firsts.  Any first you want to pick, first kiss, first date, first love, first day of school, first job, any first at all.  In looking back through the archives I found that I had done a post for this when it was a topic over a year ago.  I wrote about our first apartment.  I'm going to keep with the theme and tell you how we got our first house.
Nick graduated from college (the first time) in May of 1997.  The house we were renting had a lease that would run out in August.  We were not really keen on finding another place to rent.  We had a cat and a dog so options for apartments and houses were limited, even in our college town.  We talked it over and decided that trying to find a house of our own would be the best thing.
We headed off to the realtor's office and talked to them about the process.  We learned that we would qualify for a first time homeowners loan and should go get pre-approved so we would know how much house we could buy.  Once we had that done off we went to look at prospective house in our price range.
There are some scary houses out there.  In a town that has lots of rental potential, there are lots of small houses that had been rented.  We looked at one that had maybe 500 square feet on the main floor and basement, but it had been divided into three apartments.  There was another that had two separate furnaces--one in the main living space and one wall unit in the kitchen.  Another had a nicely finished dungeon basement solely for access to the octopus furnace.  Scary places.  But finally after about three weeks of looking we found the place that talked to us.  It was a three bedroom, one bath house with a "finished" basement, detached garage, on a corner lot.
We wanted this house--it was the best we had seen.  So we immediately put in an offer.  That was Sunday.  We waited and on Wednesday I got a call at home from our realtor.  I had to wait until Nick came home from work for lunch--he worked construction, no way to contact him on the job--cell phones were still not common then.  We headed to the realtor's office and found out that the sellers had counter offered, but that there was another couple who had responded before we did.  We couldn't have the house.  So we settled in to start looking again, when another agent came and asked to talk to our agent.  They stepped out of the office and when our agent came back she told us that a mistake had been made and the other couple had turned down the offer and if we wanted to accept the offer the house was ours.  We jumped on that one and started the inspections process.
Since we were using WCDA(Wyoming Community Development Authority) money for our loan, the inspections were a bit more rigorous about things that would incur high costs to us as new home owners.  The concrete sidewalk was pretty buckled and the house needed painting.  We made a deal with the owners so we could live in the house in return for fixing the concrete and painting the house ourselves.  They took it and with help from Nick's work(for concrete forming and such) and the realtor (for a discount on paint) we had the sidewalk fixed and the house painted in a month.
We are still living in that house.  It has had some remodeling, but we have an advantage there in that Nick is so very handy about that stuff.  Every now and then Nick gets antsy about wanting a bigger house, but then he remembers our small mortgage and he decides that our house isn't so bad.
Go see Jen at Sprite's Keeper for more first spins.

small cycle

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WWTK--When I don't feel so good...

News!  there is a new host for WWTK--Crazymama!  Welcome on board and here we go:

  1. What is your feel better remedy when you are sick?  It depends on how I feel sick.  Saltines and 7-up for an upset stomach, hot toddies for sinus stuff (Nick makes the best hot toddies), zoning out to TV and doing nothing for just about all of it.
  2. When illness strikes, what is your policy on staying home from work, school or church with yourself and the family?  Again it depends on how sick I am or the kids are.  I can really tell when they are not themselves and they will stay home when they are truly sick. Fevers, vomiting or unusual lethargy mean stay home.  A cough with nothing else?  Off to school.  I probably go to work sick more often than I should, but that could change now that I have sick leave.  It's way easier to stay home when it won't make a big impact on the paycheck.
  3. What do you think is worse?  Flu or cold?  Most definitely the flu.  It hits harder and really packs a wallop.   However, colds linger and that can be annoying.
  4. Flu shots?  Do you get them? Have you yet?  No I don't.  I'm sure that they work fine for some people, but I haven't run into anyone that said great things about the flu shot, expect for "They" who say you should get one.
  5. When you are feeling down, what is your usual, go-to therapy? (retail. exercise, comfort food, etc.)  I'd love to do retail therapy, but Nick and the checking account cry at the mere mention of shopping.  there's no time for exercise in the schedule right now, I don't really do comfort food either.  But a good book and time to read it goes a long way toward making me feel better.
And there you have it, what I do when I'm not feeling 100%, although to be honest it takes getting to about 50% before mom really gets a break.
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Random Thoughts on Tuesday-Family Junk

Random time again, cause it's Tuesday and that's what you do on Tuesday.

  • I like snow when the flakes are big and they fall vertically.  Around here the snow tends to fall horizontally due to the ever present wind.  This weekend however, we had really pretty snow.
  • What I hate about the fall is that weather changes give me migraines.  I always know a storm is coming because my head tells me so.
  • Nick is very happy to have found his garage again.  Man Town is back in business.
  • My package went out in the mail today for Swapoween.  I really hope Kathy enjoys what I put together for her and that she has fun making a display with what I sent.  Turbo is very excited to see what comes in the box from her, but then he is all about Halloween.  He wants to try making a haunted house in the garage.  We will see what comes.
  • We will be moving Bruiser to a twin bed soon.  I'm not sure having him in a real bed is a great idea.  I will be putting him back in bed quite often I think.  This really does mean that his room needs a sort of theme.  Maybe, I think I might go the easy route and do Scooby or Cars.  He likes either one.
  • I will be solo parenting for the next few days.  Nick is off to Texas.  It's a very quick trip.  I get to wrangle boys on my own.  Deep breath and a glass of wine waiting for me when they go to sleep.
  • Does anyone else get the donate to us/here's some free address labels?  I use those to send out the bills (yes, I still mail out the bills.) and I have not had to make address labels in years.
OK that about covers my Randomness this Tuesday.  Go see Stacy for more randoms.
AND double dipping again this week with Talk To Us Tuesday with Shawn and Impulsive.
Seriously Shawn

Happy List

Time to list those things that make me happy this week.


  1. I'm happy that my package is on it's way for Swapoween.
  2. I am happy it snowed and looked so pretty.
  3. Having a clean kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, etc makes me happy.
  4. Playing Lego video games with Turbo makes me happy.
  5. Baking makes me happy.
  6. Wine.   A glass after little boys are in bed.
  7. New Mythbusters shows make me happy.
  8. Halloween makes me happy.
  9. Nick coming home makes me happy (unfortunately he has to go away for this one to work).
  10. Snuggling little boys make me happy.
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Monday, October 10, 2011

Time to Thaw Out

We had another packed weekend.  Saturday dawned cold and cloudy and by the time I hit the grocery store it had started to snow.  Good thing the rec center was having it's free day.  I took the boys swimming again and we met up again with our cousins.  They all had a great time in the pool.
Then we had lunch and I headed home with Bruiser and finished my date with the laundry.  But I got a great surprise in that Nick took the vacuum for a fling.  It was fabulous.  I brought him home lunch and then I folded all the loads of laundry that I had done.  I then gathered the fixings for chili and we headed over to our cousins house and had dinner and a fun time talking.  At bedtime we gathered up our boys and their cousins and came home for a sleepover.
Sunday morning we got up to this:

Yeah, mother nature decided that we needed a refresher on what snow looks like.  To the tune of 8+ inches.  So yeah, that happened.
We all had a great breakfast and then spent the day doing stuff around the house.  Nick cleaned in the garage, I made zucchini bread, cleaned the kitchen and picked up after the sleepover.  Then I had a mostly lazy day afternoon.  And it got drippy outside, very drippy as the snow started to melt.  It should be gone by this after noon.
So that was our eventful weekend.   How was yours?

Friday, October 7, 2011

I Confess...

...that I am so happy it's Friday.  I just might do the happy Snoopy dance.  I also get to confess so I'm way ready for the weekend.
Here goes:

  • I was not fooled by the witch's hat on the christmas tree.
  • Nice try though Kmart.
Bad picture, but really?

  • I have another hot date with my laundry tonight.
  • It could last into the weekend.
  • Lucky me.
  • I got a hair cut.
  • I really needed one.
  • My package for Swapoween is almost ready.
  • I'm just about ready to have the white stuff fall this weekend.
  • Yeah, snow for Saturday.
  • Not so happy with the cold wind we have right now though.
  • I'm nervous.
  • I have to go see the teacher next week.
  • It's for Parent Teacher conferences.
  • I was always a good girl in school but the conferences always made me nervous.
  • Now they do again, for entirely different reasons.
And that covers my confessions for this week.  Go see Mamarazzi for more confessions.  Confess yourself and link up--it makes the weekend better!


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Spin Cycle--Dream Date

Do you remember who your dream date was when you were little?  I think my first dream date was Tom Cruise, shortly after he made Top Gun.  Hey I was about 13 the first time I saw that movie.  I totally fell in teenaged love.
As I grew my dream date evolved.  Sure there was the occasional crush on a cute actor, but my ideas of a dream date became more realistic.  I wanted someone who really wanted to be with me, not just seen out with another cute girl.  I dated enough toads to recognize my prince charming when I met him and I never looked back.
Nick and I don't get out that often--we are not big movie theater fans and rarely plan ahead enough to get out without the boys.  But when we go out the next time I do have a couple of requests for a dream date.
I'd like to go to a steak house and have a fabulous steak.  Dinner with all the fixings that someone else cooks and someone else cleans up.  After that, well, finding a movie at home--that we both stay awake through--will be just fine.
There is another type of date that I do enjoy.  It's when we take the boys and run away for a drive--road hunting.  No, not necessarily for animals, just roads we haven't been down before.  I love to get out that way.  Nick makes a mean tailgate sandwich and getting out with the boys is fun.
Now we just need to get out this fall.  Unfortunately, this weekend does not look like good going out weather.  I may have to devise a stay at home dream date.  Hmmm, maybe a theme dinner with complimentary movies? Ghostbusters and New York style hot dogs and soft pretzels?  Mummy movies with mummy dogs and crunchy veggies?  Any one got some other ideas?
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small cycle

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WWTK--Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

So We Want to Know time again.  Grab the questions, the button and link it on up!
  1. If you had an extra hour to do anything for yourself each day, what would you do?  I would use it to exercise.  Finding time to actually exercise without it being just before bed is hard without getting up even earlier than I already do.
  2. Are you a morning person or a night owl?  I am an unwilling morning person.
  3. How much sleep do you get on an average night?  I aim for 7-8 hours.  Insomnia and small children often disrupt that goal.
  4. When do you find the time to blog/surf the ol' interweb?  After the kids go to bed, sometimes before they go to bed.  Bruiser loves to look at kitties(LOLCats) on the computer.  I also get online in the morning before they get up.
  5. What's the ONE thing you are never to busy for?  Hugs from my boys, big and little.
Link up with Mamarazzi and Queso and answer up the questions.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Random Tuseday

Time to throw all those random thought together and call it a post.  Stacy is still holding the crown until Keely wants it back (although it looks like Stacy may be stuck with the crown--hope it fits nicely).
So here we go:
  • I saw my first Christmas movies on TV Sunday night.  I did not watch it but I saw it on the guide list.  Way too early in my opinion, but hey, the stores want it to be Christmas already.
  • Bruiser has been is rare two year old meltdown form lately.  Any time he does not get his way he throws a crying fit, not an angry fit, just soul wrenching crying, like he lost his best friend.  Makes me want to cuddle him up and sooth him, but not give in to his demands for a cookie, soda, snacks, going outside, etc.  It is funny how he can switch it off if he's given an acceptable alternative.
  • I have figured out a benefit to being a girl in a house of guys.  I never have to own up to my gas.  There will always be someone else to blame.  And if I do own up to it, it won't be a bad thing, I'll most likely get treated to demonstrations from the guys.  Lucky me.
  • I really like dark chocolate turtles.
  • Halloween is creeping closer.  I need to get our decorations down and get the porch decorated.  Not that I do much decorating.  The weather just does not cooperate to do bunches of stuff outside unless it's snow proof.  We will have snow before the end of the month.  The standing joke is that costumes need to be large so they fit over a coat.
  • I like eating lunch, but have a harder time figuring out what to eat.  Eating out is so expensive.  I try to do leftovers but I'm not a huge fan.  I can only do so many sandwiches.  Lunch is not the easiest thing to come up with five hours before I want to eat it.
  • Turbo may have found something he wants to read.  There is a series of comic books--no graphic novels more--called Bone.  His teacher said he could read those and he likes them.  I'm so thrilled he has found something he wants to read.  It is a fantasy type adventure and Turbo really likes it.  And there are nine volumes plus prequels and stuff.  Finally something other than Ook and Gluk or what ever.
Well that is my random ramblings for this week.  Go see Stacy for more.
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