Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts--Talking About Nothing

So time for random thoughts.  Cause it's Tuesday and all.
  • Yesterday was one of those weird days where we got to see just about every type of weather Mother Nature could throw at us, snow, rain, wind and sunshine.  I expect a lot of those in the next few weeks until winter hits, oh about the middle of November.
  • A good night's sleep can do wonders for you.  I just need about 100 more of them, I might feel all rested up by then.
  • Nick finally got the hole in the laundry room fixed.  I won't have to dodge that spot when I'm putting clothes in the washing machine now.  This is awesome!
  • Do you ever have a really good idea for a random post and then when you sit down to type--poof it's gone?
  • I swear my butt grows roots at night.  I just have no energy after I get dinner done.  Moving around becomes something that hold no appeal.  Unfortunately Bruiser is on a campaign to make sure I don't sit for long.  He wants this or that or he needs something else, all designed to make sure those roots don't get to deep.  I should thank him, but really I'd be happy growing those roots.
Well that covers my random, go see Stacy for more.


Also go see Shawn and Impulsive for Talking to Us Tuesday.  Yep, double dipping again.

Seriously Shawn


  1. A monsoon hit right as I picked up my son yesterday. And it was sunny and warm when I left the house 10 minutes before that.

    October weather is crazy!

  2. Poof its gone is pretty much a daily thing for me when it comes to ideas that I have.. It finally rained here last night but only lasted like 5 minutes but we thankfully are not in the 90's anymore! phew!!

  3. It's been so cold & rainy here for the past week - the sun peeked out around mid-morning today and everyone let out a whoop of excitement! No snow yet though, so we should count ourselves lucky...

    I'd like to grow roots every night too...so so tempting...and some nights, I just give in and do it ;) Last night was one of 'em.

  4. We've had that crazy weather too, cold, rain, very windy but no snow yet. I'm dreading it.

  5. What? You had SNOW? And rain/wind/sunshine? Oh wow! That's crazy! Today has been the first cooler day we've had since March! It feels great but it's far from snowing!!

    Yay for a good nights sleep! I love sleep. I just wish it didn't take me forever to fall asleep!

    I love that our toddlers won't let us sit for too long. I would be so lazy for sure!!

    Thanks for linking up with us Vandy! I appreciate it!

  6. The weather is strange here today. We actually had a phone call from the county last night saying they may call school due the storms that are coming in. So far there are no storms juts ugly gray skies. Some people get snow days, here in Florida we get hurricane days!

    I fell asleep early last night- 11:15- and was up from 2:22 to 3:18. I just love not being able to sleep!

    Thanks for linking up, we love reading your stories!

  7. Weather changes are on the rise. We're expecting to get an upset begining with tomorrow forecast. I love the seasons, though. It's totally refreshing,but I have to admit I don't like the extremes.

    Blog posts...you know I'm not that organized. I sort of get a taste of an idea and then run with it. I really admire bloggers who are more together like that.

    Thanks for the randomness!

    Smartphones to Not-so Smart Moves to Mr. Cool in RTT

  8. my butt just grows... and it fits perfectly in that big man recliner!

  9. I have roots growing out my butt too it seems. I am very slothful until Friday evening. I'm kind of glad my spawn is not a toddler anymore. Now she's almost 12 and I have to drive her everywhere. At least I can stay in my jammies for that. LOL!

  10. i inow the feeling when dinner is done and dishes put way my butt is glued to sofa from about 7pm on. i only move to go pee

  11. Tonight will definitely be a let your roots grow under where you're sitting night. The weather has been constantly miserable all day, nothing but rain. Tomorrow, it should break for the cold front to come through so we can finally step foot outside again, but tonight? Dinner and a movie. I may make the kid popcorn. :-)

  12. I can't remember when I've gotten a good nights sleep. I hope you get them more and more often.

  13. I am lovin' your new blog design...super cute! A good night's sleep? What is that?

  14. I am with you! Once iis about 7 pm, it's feels like midnight, don't ask me any hard questions and I look at my bed longingly. Yea that the hole in the laundry room is fixed!

  15. You can never have too many good nights of sleep. I get completely unmotivated after dinner too. Must be a mom thing.

  16. I never can seem to catch up on my rest, just not enough hours in the day!

  17. Your but grows roots??? That's a riot!! That is my new excuse!!!


  18. You had SNOW? Hubby picked up a snow blower today - he called it his insurance to guarantee we'd probably not get enough snow this year to use it. ;)

    I have the 'poof' issue all the time. I'll think up brilliant posts as I'm falling asleep, or random times during the day - when I don't have anything with me or handy to write them down. I really should start carrying.

    I need about 100 hours of sleep myself. :)

    Terra Nova, Angry Bird-Dogs, Talking Tom Overload: RTT Rebel

  19. ha, butt grows roots. That's how I feel too. It's not so good since I stay up pretty late at night. You'd think I'd be more productive, but blogging counts right?

    Send some cold weather our way! It was so hot here today. I'm ready for fall!!

  20. My butt has roots all day long.

    I so don't miss the weird weather of Utah. Although, Oregon has some pretty weird weather too.


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