Friday, October 14, 2011

Confession Friday

Time to confess again.  Friday comes every week and is the most appreciated day of the week. I know I like it--especially going home time, cause you know, the weekend starts then!
  • Nick comes home tonight.
  • He was gone just long enough.
  • I'm giving up on the thought of potty training right now.
  • Bruiser has absolutely no interest.
  • He's not three yet.
  • He'll learn eventually.
  • There are very few high schoolers in diapers at graduation.
  • I've decided to pick my battles.
  • Turbo's parent teacher conferences went well.  
  • We like his teacher this year.
  • That is such a relief.  
  • We hated, extremely disliked, loathed, did not see eye to eye with his first grade teacher.
  • I really wonder how many of his problems stem from the fact she did not like him either.
  • Reading is still an issue.
  • But the kid has loads of self confidence.
  • I really wish I knew how to make cute banners.
  • I am all thumbs, software impaired, whatever, when it comes to that stuff though.
  • The University I work at is having Homecoming this weekend.
  • Rah-rah!  
  • I'm hoping to hide at home and not have to deal with the crazy out of towners in for the game.
  • I really like the powdered Donettes.
  • Looking forward to a glass of wine tonight with my hubby.
That's gotr my confessions for this week.  Go see Mamarazzi and share your own confessions.


  1. My sister gave up on potty training her daughter not long ago - she'll be 3 in December. But she's back at it and doing great. They'll do it when they're ready! Enjoy your wine tonight :)

  2. What kind of banner do you need boo? If it's something I can make I'll happily do it for you! (no charge)

  3. YAY to your husband coming home!

  4. Ohhhh I so don't miss potty training!! Enjoy the wine and your weekend!

  5. Totally enjoy your wine and have a wonderful weekend hiding from the out of towners in for the game! :)

  6. so thankful to be out of diapers! Whew! I had a glass of wine or 2 with the hubs last night!

  7. glad the parent/teacher meeting went well and i'mto techincally challenge all these cute computer graphic are way above my head

  8. We were totally in town last weekend, but we stayed as far away from campus as possible! Crazy town! I thought of you though!! And boo to potty training! Boo I say!


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