Monday, October 10, 2011

Time to Thaw Out

We had another packed weekend.  Saturday dawned cold and cloudy and by the time I hit the grocery store it had started to snow.  Good thing the rec center was having it's free day.  I took the boys swimming again and we met up again with our cousins.  They all had a great time in the pool.
Then we had lunch and I headed home with Bruiser and finished my date with the laundry.  But I got a great surprise in that Nick took the vacuum for a fling.  It was fabulous.  I brought him home lunch and then I folded all the loads of laundry that I had done.  I then gathered the fixings for chili and we headed over to our cousins house and had dinner and a fun time talking.  At bedtime we gathered up our boys and their cousins and came home for a sleepover.
Sunday morning we got up to this:

Yeah, mother nature decided that we needed a refresher on what snow looks like.  To the tune of 8+ inches.  So yeah, that happened.
We all had a great breakfast and then spent the day doing stuff around the house.  Nick cleaned in the garage, I made zucchini bread, cleaned the kitchen and picked up after the sleepover.  Then I had a mostly lazy day afternoon.  And it got drippy outside, very drippy as the snow started to melt.  It should be gone by this after noon.
So that was our eventful weekend.   How was yours?


  1. Oh.My.Gosh. That snow is CRAZY!! Seems even more crazy since we just spent the weekend in mid-summer temps...sooooo hot, unseasonably warm for Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend!!!

  2. That, my friend, is just wrong. It was almost 80 degrees on this side of the country on Sunday...

  3. We got snow in Denver on Saturday...but it was the melty kind, now the sticky kind!

  4. What a white, wintery weekend. At least it was relaxing though.

  5. OMG no way snow i can't even imagine that goodness i live in FL i'm freezing just with 75 degree weather out

  6. Eww! Snow!! It's not even November yet. Boo! lol!

  7. Ugh, snow?! We got it in the mountains here. I'm so not looking forward to winter.


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