Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Random Tuseday

Time to throw all those random thought together and call it a post.  Stacy is still holding the crown until Keely wants it back (although it looks like Stacy may be stuck with the crown--hope it fits nicely).
So here we go:
  • I saw my first Christmas movies on TV Sunday night.  I did not watch it but I saw it on the guide list.  Way too early in my opinion, but hey, the stores want it to be Christmas already.
  • Bruiser has been is rare two year old meltdown form lately.  Any time he does not get his way he throws a crying fit, not an angry fit, just soul wrenching crying, like he lost his best friend.  Makes me want to cuddle him up and sooth him, but not give in to his demands for a cookie, soda, snacks, going outside, etc.  It is funny how he can switch it off if he's given an acceptable alternative.
  • I have figured out a benefit to being a girl in a house of guys.  I never have to own up to my gas.  There will always be someone else to blame.  And if I do own up to it, it won't be a bad thing, I'll most likely get treated to demonstrations from the guys.  Lucky me.
  • I really like dark chocolate turtles.
  • Halloween is creeping closer.  I need to get our decorations down and get the porch decorated.  Not that I do much decorating.  The weather just does not cooperate to do bunches of stuff outside unless it's snow proof.  We will have snow before the end of the month.  The standing joke is that costumes need to be large so they fit over a coat.
  • I like eating lunch, but have a harder time figuring out what to eat.  Eating out is so expensive.  I try to do leftovers but I'm not a huge fan.  I can only do so many sandwiches.  Lunch is not the easiest thing to come up with five hours before I want to eat it.
  • Turbo may have found something he wants to read.  There is a series of comic books--no graphic novels more--called Bone.  His teacher said he could read those and he likes them.  I'm so thrilled he has found something he wants to read.  It is a fantasy type adventure and Turbo really likes it.  And there are nine volumes plus prequels and stuff.  Finally something other than Ook and Gluk or what ever.
Well that is my random ramblings for this week.  Go see Stacy for more.
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  1. It is WAY too early for Christmas ANYTHING. Except planning...there is always time for that!

  2. I hate that retailers rush things, let's get through at least Halloween before wr start setting out Christmas.

    Reading is reading, whatever it takes to get him started.

    Never having to admit it was you that dropped the stink bomb would be wonderful!

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  3. Ack. I love Christmas, but I don't think I want to watch Christmas movies yet! I'm just starting to drag out my favourite scary movies...

  4. Ugh, those instant gratification fits drive me batty. Sprite STILL pulls it all the time. Blergh.

  5. Christmas movies on the guide list? That is crazy. I don't mind when the stores have some stuff up, but NO MUSIC! It drives me batty when they start putting out the music this early.

    Lol, yes I'm sure you'd get a demonstration on the gas factor. The worst is boys and road trips. UGHHH!

  6. Thanks for randoming up with me today. How truly sad, you don't have a Krispy Kreme nearby! What we take for granted is another person's luxury.

    Oh, I love dark chocolate truffles! We have a Godiva in town and occasionally, darling husband treats me to one or two or three. lol. Really, I can't eat more than one at at time --too sweet for me! I'm anxious to try Lake Champlain's (Vermont)Truffles again. We want to order some of their chocolates this Christmas. Yum! :P

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  7. A CHRISTMAS movie already? Shut up!!

    Now I'm craving chocolate turtles.

    I understand your frustration with lunch. You can only have sandwiches so often, right?

    Thanks for linking up! You're awesome!

  8. I love dark chocolate Turtles but I can only get them here at Christmas..

  9. I'm with you on the difficulty of dreaming up something for lunch. Nothing ever sounds good at 7 am.
    There are definitely LOTS of advantages to being the only girl in the house! ;)

  10. Christmas movies already?! I'm not going to be mentally prepared for those until at least December 1st.

    I can empathize with the two year old meltdowns - every time Little Dude doesn't get his way, he does the same thing. And it is amazing how they can switch it off if given an acceptable alternative, isn't it? ;)

    Princess Nagger LOVES the Bone books, too! We had to hunt for them at the library (and when I say 'we', I mean 'I', since I had no clue what she was talking about...until we finally found one. I thought she was looking for dinosaur bones books!) Amazon has a "Bone: The Complete Cartoon Epic in One Volume" book for just over $22 - I'm debating on getting it for PN for either her birthday or Christmas if she's still showing interest in them, since she hasn't had a chance to read them all - they're always checked out at the public library and the school library! :)

    Thanks for rockin' the random with me! :)

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  11. Christmas already?? Seriously?

    Your little man sounds like mine - you have to remember that he doesn't understand why you are saying no! ;)


  12. Christmas already??? Now I am stressed!

  13. Same here about the Halloween stuff! First, clean the porch, second pull out the ghoulishness. I LOVE it that you blame the fart on the kids! I may have to check out these Bone books! I'm sure Jude would love them too.


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