Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Randomizing Tuesday Talking

So it's Tuesday.  Better than Monday.  Mondays suck.  Tuesday isn't much better but still, it's not Monday so here we go with the random:

  • Would someone tell me how to get Bruiser to stop sleeping with his cars?  He has matchbox cars and monster trucks and he sleeps on with them.  It can't be comfortable.  Why couldn't he decide to sleep with something soft like a stuffed animal or a blanket?  No it's monster trucks or Lightening McQueen.  He may not have a pacifier anymore, but I still end up hunting for small toys in the dark in the middle of the night.
  • Halloween is fast approaching.  Looks like this one could be cold and snowy.  We are supposed to get  6-10 inches tonight.  Winter is here folks. At least for us.
  • I dislike raking leaves--sets off my allergies, but I dislike raking wet nasty leaves more.
  • I'm so happy to be in Mamarazzi's Autumn Swap.  It's so fun to get mail that isn't bills, even if there is the stress of shopping for someone and hoping they like what I pick out.
  • Lego minifigures kind of suck.  Stepping on them is no fun.  Looking for them is no fun.  I do way to much of both.  They make a loud noise in the dryer.  Yeah, I'm not the best at checking pockets.  Sometimes it's scary in those pockets.
  • There is something satisfying about watching things get blown up and destroyed.  
  • Turbo has settled on being a mad scientist unless the Darth Vader costume I won from Geek Mom shows up.  He will make a great mad scientist.  He will have fun with the Darth costume too.  Bruiser will be a very cute green bug, unless it's very cold out then he will be a green dragon/dinosaur with red spots.  
  • I have yet to see any of the new shows on the networks this year.  I have seen every new Mythbusters and all the Top Gears though.
  • And as a nod to Impulsive, my Christmas list has a Kindle, a new set of wine glasses, a Wii fit board/game, time, naps, love and snuggles form my boys--big and little.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to get some of the things on my list.
So go join Stacy for more Random Tuesday thought--she has become our fearless leader.
Talk to us Tuesday with Shawn and Impulsive is talking about everything and nothing.  I'm good at that. 

Seriously Shawn


  1. Maybe you should get Bruiser a stuffed car...if it was soft and still a car it might be a comprise. Just a thought...

  2. I really want to do the Autumn swap but I just can't swing it. :( Happy Tuesday!

  3. I miss swaps so much! Life has been so busy I havent had time to look up and take part in any. Used to do the yarn swaps all the time. Gosh I miss happy little packages in the mail :)

  4. I got a shout-out! That's awesome! You'll love the Kindle (and the wine glasses!)

    He sleeps with his cars? I'm with you...that sounds PAINFUL and uncomfortable.

    6-10 inches of snow? Oh my. I would NOT make it. Poor trick-or-treaters!!! They will be hiding their costumes under big jackets and gloves!!

    Thanks for linking up! We appreciate it!


  5. My nephew used to sleep with his cars and trucks too...a weird boy thing I guess! haha!

    Enjoy that snow...we're still waiting for our first dumping, and no sign of it yet!!

  6. My kids sleep with so many stuffed animals that there is barely room for them!

    I need to figure out what I want for Christmas....

  7. The Autumn Swap sounds awesome. I did a mail swap in September and loved it. I'm looking for more.

  8. stepping on legos is the worst ever. and raking leaves feels like it never ends.

  9. Surely they make stuffed cars.
    My kindle is being shipped as we speak!!! Woo Hoo!!

  10. I make LG leave any of his cars and Legos on his dresser (where he can see them). He was getting weird bruises and scratches from them. I agree, try a stuffed car?

  11. Or maybe let him make his own stuffie at the build a bear site so he attaches to it?

  12. I always find random toys in Leo's bed. He always seems to grab something after the lights go off that will make it seem as uncomfortable as possible. The other night his sword was in his bed!

  13. I love Top Gears!! Very few shows I watch on TV but that's one of them!

  14. Top Gear is awesome! I think we have a couple of new ones we need to watch still.
    And that cold- brrr- that does not sound fun. I remember trick or treating in the snow a couple of times- do not miss it. It is supposed to be in the mid 80's here ;)

  15. My son still gets into my bed..and there's nothing like waking up to a hot wheels car wedged into your ass. I hear ya sista!

  16. Great Christmas list! I might copy it...oh, wait. I have to buy my own gifts. NUTS! LOL

    Bruiser will give up his cars when he is ready. At least he isn't putting girls in there...yet. :(

    Say NO to snow. I was enjoying the nice weather. We only got little snow here.

  17. My girls sleep with random crap too. Hard barbies, big rubber bouncy balls. Kids are weird!

    Brrrr it sounds like it is going to be a COLD Halloween at your house.

  18. Ha, that's so funny that he sleeps on cars. My dog tends to sleep on his toys, even his tennis balls. It doesn't look comfy at all.

    I love our stemless wine glasses. Hope you get everything on your Christmas wish list!

  19. Stepping on Legos is the worst. Our oldest would sleep with cars, trucks, and toys all the time.

  20. I think that stepping on a match box car in the middle of the night would be much worse than stepping on a Barbie, yeah, I'm pretty glad I have girls!

    We may actually have a chilly Halloween here, by chilly I mean low 70's during the day and low 60's for trick or treating. That's cold for us you know but I'll take that over snow for sure!

    Thanks for linking up, we love you long time!

  21. Aww, I think it is cute when boys go to bed with their cars..... :))

    And can I get some help getting rid of the pacifer?? I need it!!



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