Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Random Thoughts on Tuesday-Family Junk

Random time again, cause it's Tuesday and that's what you do on Tuesday.

  • I like snow when the flakes are big and they fall vertically.  Around here the snow tends to fall horizontally due to the ever present wind.  This weekend however, we had really pretty snow.
  • What I hate about the fall is that weather changes give me migraines.  I always know a storm is coming because my head tells me so.
  • Nick is very happy to have found his garage again.  Man Town is back in business.
  • My package went out in the mail today for Swapoween.  I really hope Kathy enjoys what I put together for her and that she has fun making a display with what I sent.  Turbo is very excited to see what comes in the box from her, but then he is all about Halloween.  He wants to try making a haunted house in the garage.  We will see what comes.
  • We will be moving Bruiser to a twin bed soon.  I'm not sure having him in a real bed is a great idea.  I will be putting him back in bed quite often I think.  This really does mean that his room needs a sort of theme.  Maybe, I think I might go the easy route and do Scooby or Cars.  He likes either one.
  • I will be solo parenting for the next few days.  Nick is off to Texas.  It's a very quick trip.  I get to wrangle boys on my own.  Deep breath and a glass of wine waiting for me when they go to sleep.
  • Does anyone else get the donate to us/here's some free address labels?  I use those to send out the bills (yes, I still mail out the bills.) and I have not had to make address labels in years.
OK that about covers my Randomness this Tuesday.  Go see Stacy for more randoms.
AND double dipping again this week with Talk To Us Tuesday with Shawn and Impulsive.
Seriously Shawn


  1. Good luck with the single parenting gig this week!

    You will totally deserve that glass of wine.

  2. I love the free mailing labels!! And, I love snow!!!! Can't wiat for it to start here!

  3. Wine makes everything better!

    I wish I would have done the Swapoween. It would have been a fun one to participate in! I can't wait to see what you get!

    Emma hasn't started climbing out of her crib yet which surprises us. She climbs everything else. So, until she tries that, I'll probably just keep her in her crib. I'm not looking forward to her having free range in her room!

    Yes, I get those address labels and I use them too! =)

    Thanks for linking up with us! We appreciate you!

  4. Snow already? YUCK!!!

    Hope your week goes by quickly- and have that wine nearby!

  5. Oh, I get tons of address labels in the mail...they've lasted for YEARS!

  6. You had snow?? That seems insane to me, as a Floridian. :)

  7. Snow! What? This past weekend we laid in the sun!

    I haven't done a swap in a while, I think it may be time! Halloween and Christmas are my favorite times of the year, I love to decorate!

    My little one was out of her bed before her first birthday. She walked at 7 months and was getting out of her crib right around the same time, For us it was a safety issue. Good luck!

    I enjoy the occasional solo parenting. Cereal for breakfast, no shower or shaving for 2 days....a girls needs a break every once in a while!

    Thanks for linking up, you're one of the cool ones now ya know;)

  8. The snow still gets me. I live in South Texas so we rarely see the white stuff.

    Enjoy the wine. You'll make it through the week fine I'm sure!

  9. me no like snow to cold and how cool Bruiser is in a twin bed though i hate it when kids grow up so fast. oh i get those labels to and i still mail out bills as well

  10. ack! snow?? It's still shorts and tank top weather here!!
    You have no fall?? just summer and winter??

    And when we get snow I love the soft falling not the blowing blizzard type either.

  11. Everything gives me migraines. They are so horrible. Not sure it works for anyone but me but I have found that eating some goat cheese eases the pain of migraines.

  12. The mere thought of snow seems like strange thing. Here in the TN valley, we don't see much, usually. Growing up in southern WV as a kid we got our fair share of it. Sometimes I miss it, especially around the holidays.

    Yeah, I still get the address labels from various charitable organization. I don't send out bills anymore, though so I use them for miscellanous pieces of mail.

    Thanks for randoming today!

    Couponing,Columbus Day,Justin Timberlake, & To-Dos with RTT

  13. Where the heck are you that you got snow in October?! LOL

  14. We used to get those labels all the time. Not any more..
    Good luck with the single parenting this week. It will probably fly by, you'll be so busy. :-)

  15. I have about 3 seconds of guilt when I use those labels and then I figure, oh well, they already printed them, may as well use them.

  16. A haunted house, how fun! I'm so looking forward to being a homeowner and decking my house out big time for Halloween. Sounds like such a blast.

    Send some of that cold weather our way! I'm looking at 80 degree temps this week. I'm sick of sweating!

  17. Snow, already? Bummer.

    I always get address labels from my insurance around Christmas and from some wildlife place too. I recently threw some away because I had so many.


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