Monday, October 3, 2011

And the weekend...

...went fantastically.  We all had fun, even if we did get complaints of boredom from the 8 year old in the family.
Turbo got to go to the Rec Center and have Kids Night Out.  He had fun--lots of fun swimming and playing and doing crafts.  He crashed when he got home--a success for the parents, we try to wear out the kids all the time.
Nick headed out with friends and went four wheeling on Saturday.  He had a blast.  The weather cooperated for most of the day and he had great riding weather.
The rest of us went swimming with some friends who happen to be family.  Nick's cousin's wife and kids met us at the rec Center and we all swam until Bruiser's lips turned blue.  He was positive he was not cold though.  Insisted he wasn't through the shivers and shaking.  I insisted that it was time for lunch.
Turbo spent the rest of the afternoon with them while I took Bruiser home for his nap.  When he was up we headed over there and had a fun afternoon letting the kids play and catching up girl style.
Turbo spent the night there and we went to pick him up on Sunday.  The rest of Sunday we winterized the camper and spent the rest of the day zoning out (this was when the claims of boredom came out).  I got a nap--both Saturday and Sunday.  We watched movies and really tried to make the day go by as slowly as possible.  It didn't work.  The weekend passed way too quickly.  It always does.
The next week will be busy and hopefully that will make the week go by much faster.  Nick has an eye appointment (so he can finally wear the new glasses he got in August without a headache), I get to get my hair cut, and Nick and Turbo are going hunting on Saturday.  So the next week should fly by, right?  We shall see.
What was your weekend like?


  1. It's funny how kids view time. They're always bored but adults love doing nothing. :)

  2. Sound like you had a nice weekend. Drives me nuts when the kids say "I'm bored" so I usually make them clean something if I hear it.

  3. A really up and down weekend for us. Family fun all of Saturday and a funeral on Sunday.
    Your weekend sounds MUCH better.

  4. Even when his lips turned blue he wouldn't admit it? Wow, he's tough! Love that you got a nap in both days!

  5. what a fun weekend mine was amazing totally slow and lazy

  6. Sounds like a pretty good weekend!

  7. It cracks me up when the kids lips turn blue but they insist they are not cold. Brrr!


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