Thursday, October 6, 2011

Spin Cycle--Dream Date

Do you remember who your dream date was when you were little?  I think my first dream date was Tom Cruise, shortly after he made Top Gun.  Hey I was about 13 the first time I saw that movie.  I totally fell in teenaged love.
As I grew my dream date evolved.  Sure there was the occasional crush on a cute actor, but my ideas of a dream date became more realistic.  I wanted someone who really wanted to be with me, not just seen out with another cute girl.  I dated enough toads to recognize my prince charming when I met him and I never looked back.
Nick and I don't get out that often--we are not big movie theater fans and rarely plan ahead enough to get out without the boys.  But when we go out the next time I do have a couple of requests for a dream date.
I'd like to go to a steak house and have a fabulous steak.  Dinner with all the fixings that someone else cooks and someone else cleans up.  After that, well, finding a movie at home--that we both stay awake through--will be just fine.
There is another type of date that I do enjoy.  It's when we take the boys and run away for a drive--road hunting.  No, not necessarily for animals, just roads we haven't been down before.  I love to get out that way.  Nick makes a mean tailgate sandwich and getting out with the boys is fun.
Now we just need to get out this fall.  Unfortunately, this weekend does not look like good going out weather.  I may have to devise a stay at home dream date.  Hmmm, maybe a theme dinner with complimentary movies? Ghostbusters and New York style hot dogs and soft pretzels?  Mummy movies with mummy dogs and crunchy veggies?  Any one got some other ideas?
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  1. Yes a dinner that you don't have to cook or clean up after? Definitely a dream! :) Good luck with your stay at home date.

  2. Ooh, a dream home date? I can totally get behind that! John and I find ourselves a little restricted now with going out to eat since so many restaurants don't use what we consider safe ingredients. So, we found a few places that we've tagged as favorites and usually end up there. Now, I just like cooking at home since it guarantees a good meal. It would be a dream meal if John would clean up afterwards. :-)

    You're linked!

  3. I saw Bunny ears and tail at Joanns today. That could be a fun stay at home date!

  4. At home dates are great. Enjoy yours.

  5. Since it's Columbus day Monday maybe you could do some sort of Explorer's theme? Or pirate them since they were explorers too... just ones who kind of blurred the edges with their techniques!


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