Monday, October 17, 2011

Almost Good to See Monday

This last weekend had it's ups and downs.
First the ups:
  • Nick got home Friday evening, safe and sound.  He had a successful trip to Dallas.
  • Bruiser had a successful solo over night at Grandma's house.
  • Nick and Turbo had fun hunting--they didn't get one this trip but they plan on going next weekend so hopefully they can get an antelope then.
  • I got some cleaning done--vacuuming, dishes, random laundry.  
  • I also made pumpkin pie bread, and granola.  Both turned out pretty good.
And for the downs.  Well really only one major down.  We had drama with the neighbors again.
They have a dog they got from the pound and this dog had puppies.  All the kids in the neoghborhood like to go see the puppies.  Things have been tense between the kids since another family moved in with kids.  It's like there has been an unspoken competition going on about who would get to play with these kids.  Turbo almost always lost out.
On Saturday, Turbo want to to play with the new kids in the neighborhood.  They told him they had to do homework before they could play.  Turbo passed the time by riding his bike around the block.  He cut through the alley on one of his trips and heard kids voices in the back yard of the neighbors with the puppies.  He went and knocked on the back door to see what was up.  One of the little girls who live there opened the door and the mother dog got out and chased Turbo up the alley and bit his knee, tearing his sweatpants in the process.
The mother came down to see what had happened and to tell us that we really needed to have Turbo call and he was not to open the door at all.  We had to get the story from Turbo on what had really happened because the girls down the street had tried to blame the whole thing on poor Turbo.  And the mother was really believing that her little "angels" could have done nothing wrong.
The up shot of the whole thing is that Turbo will not be playing with them for quite a while.  It really has been time to back off a bit any way.  The older girl there really doesn't get along with Turbo all that well.  She has learned how to push his buttons and reduce him to an angry, crying mess all the while looking like an innocent party.  So we are just not going to be doing as much with them.  I think it's better this way.
It is sad because they could have been and really have been friends.  But I'm not putting my kids in the line of fire because her kids don't want to get caught doing what they know they aren't supposed to.  It just takes more effort to get Turbo to friends' houses now.
So after that bit of drama Saturday night, I'm really glad that Sunday was pretty uneventful.  And I'm almost glad it's Monday.  Oh no, did I really just say that?  I may need more help that I thought.
How was your weekend?


  1. Ah, the ol' neighbourhood kid troubles. I had my fair share of them back in the day. And my brother has a friend/former neighbour who still refers back to our childhood and growing up on our street, and talks about how our cousins who moved in next door "stole" my brother away from him. Hope Turbo doesn't have to deal with it any longer!

  2. I think you and Turbo are better off avoiding the drama, especially if he ends up upset most of the time. I'd be a little peeved too that he got bit and then blamed for it.

  3. Gah, what brats! You almost want to pull the girl to the carpet to get the truth out of her. Don't worry, she'll get hers someday. Her kind always does.

  4. That is HORRIBLE! I hate that he got chased and bit. Did they offer to replace his torn sweat pants? They should AT LEAST do that. I hope I'm not a naive parent like that. I'm glad that yesterday was uneventful. =)

  5. What a story! I hope Turbo's knee is ok. Man, that mom could have handled the whole thing better, no? Like "sorry my shitty dog bit your kid" or something along those lines. Jeez. I wouldn't let him play with those kids anymore either.

  6. Oh I would be so mad! Why does drama have to start so young? Sorry about that stupid dog.

  7. it's stories like this that make me realize how lucky i am to have Bambi and Thumper for neighbors they are great playmates for little man. glad you survived the weekend


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