Monday, October 31, 2011

What a fun weekend!

We had a great weekend here--even if it was a bit chilly.
We headed down to the Scaramie--the downtown trick or treat Saturday morning and the boys had a blast and came home with quite a haul.  Bruiser would not talk to anyone, but then he is our shy kid.  He would hold his bucket up to get candy, but that was it.  It was chilly, windy and cloudy but it was fun.
An unsure dragon/dinosaur.

The force is strong with this one...

Getting the loot.

Ring the fire bell!  Bruiser would have nothing to do with it.

Then our cousins called and asked if Turbo could come over and spend the night, so we headed over and had dinner with them and left Turbo to have a fun evening.

I cleaned like a mad woman on Sunday--the upstairs bathroom got cleaned from top to bottom--mostly.  It hasn't had all the parts clean at the same time for quite a while--I clean what needs to be cleaned as it needs it.  But now it's all clean.  I like it, but getting it that way, not so fun.  I also had my date with the vacuum--demanding bit of machinery.

Around 3:00 Sunday afternoon, Turbo came home and we all--cousins too--carved pumpkins.  The results:
Carving away!

The four results this year.

Cousin T's.

Cousin H's

Bruiser's(that mom carved).


We will be putting them out tonight and letting the light shine in them.  But we won't be handing out candy at home--early anyway as we are taking the boys over to trick or treat with their cousins.  It should be a good time.
So a busy weekend but a good one too.  More Halloween goodness tomorrow.  If I remember to take the camera.


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