Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy List

Things making me happy this week:

  1. Hearing Trick or Treat coming from Bruiser, also thank you and happy Halloween as he trick or treated last night.
  2. Seeing Turbo make sure his brother got candy too.
  3. Getting away for an over night with just my hubby, at a nice hotel, even if it is for work.
  4. Having a clean bathroom, all of it.
  5. Wine.
  6. Seeing Nick be satisfied doing little things around the house.
  7. Melatonin, for a better night's sleep.
  8. Getting new stuff, or new to me stuff.
  9. Dinner out--that I don't have to cook or clean up after.
  10. Being able to cook all those winter time favorites, cause it cold outside now.
Now go see Mamarazzi for more happy.


  1. Those are some really happy things on your list!

  2. great list. i really want to cook stew.

  3. I love that your son said trick or treat. It is so annoying when kids wont but just stand their with their hand open.

  4. Great list....hey, a night away is a night away, work or not! lol
    Have a great week!

  5. It is so great when siblings watch out for one another! :-) Love it!
    Dinner out truly is awesome. You don't have to cook or do dishes! Pure awesome!

  6. We had a short cold-snap, all of 50 degrees for the low, I think. I'm ready for cooler weather! Love fall. So glad you had a good time trick-or-treating with the kids. And, yes, wine would be on my happy list, too, if I'd thought of it!

  7. awww...little one's saying trick or treat had me melting all evening. LOVE the thank you's and happy halloween too. so sweet!

    thanks for linking up your FABULOUS happy list!!


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