Monday, November 28, 2011

And Back to It

So, how was everyone's holiday?  Ours was great.  A very relaxing and much needed break from work and normal daily life.
It's kind of unpleasant to head back to work today.  Just being home with the boys has been wonderful.  I feel kind of like we are in a sort of limbo--we haven't decorated for Christmas yet, so it's like it is out there looming, but hasn't crashed on us.
We did enjoy Thanksgiving.  We decided Wednesday night that we needed to brine the bird because we were going to grill it the next morning.  I know most sources say to brine for 24 hours, but we got almost 12 hours for this bird.  Then we set up the bird and got the grill going and Nick watched the temp and how the bird was cooking like a nervous father.  We threw a foil packet of soaked hickory chips on the grill for more flavor and that worked out great.  The turkey we brought in to eat was a lovely golden brown and was flavored with the perfect amount of smoked hickory flavor.  The bird still tastes delicious.  The best turkey I've ever had.
As for the rest of Thanksgiving, well, I was very ready for everyone to go home.  I love my family and Nick's, but they can drive me straight up the wall without even trying.  My tongue was a bit raw from all the biting I had to do and my jaw was sore from gritting it and smiling.  Sigh, family, the reason you move out, right?
nick and I did a small amount of Black Friday shopping.  We did invest in a BlueRay player.  We are slowly moving into the current century.
For the rest of the weekend we really didn't do much.  Nick listened to our college team get sort of stomped on, I baked on Saturday.  Bruiser didn't nap until late, through no lack of trying on my part.  We watched a movie as a family Saturday night.  On the new BlueRay player--not a blueray but a normal disc to see what it looked like.
We went for a drive on Sunday to check out the snow at our favorite, close by, cross country skiing area, there isn't quite enough snow to make for good skiing.  we then came home and were complete bums for the rest of the day.  It was nice.
Now back to the grind.  And I'm looking forward to Christmas, when we get a long break form work.  The university where Nick and I work shuts down for the week between Christmas and New Year's.  Turbo gets the same time off from school so we all get a break together.  Kind of really looking forward to that one.
So how was your Thanksgiving, or weekend?


  1. Family is exactly why you We spend the holidays in peace and quiet with family over 18 hours away. I wish I had a week off from work like you do...hmmm...need to find a job with a bit better perks, although getting all the national holidays off is better than my past jobs offered. Have a great week.

  2. I'm thinking I would like that week off as well. Just to relax and come down from the holiday highs. :-)

  3. From Tuesday night until Friday night, we were doing all the travel/family stuff/eating but then Saturday and Sunday, I cleaned my house and relaxed. It was nice!

  4. Sounds like a pretty relaxing holiday!

    Except for all the relatives- mine make me crazy, too.

  5. I'm more of a ham person at Thanksgiving but our turkey was pretty darn good too. It was actually grilled also!

    Don't you love to relax during the holidays? It was heaven!

  6. Lucky duck on the vacation! That's a perk of working for a school or university. I will be in your town during that week.

  7. the week off between christmas and new years sounds awesome. I could do that but i would have to use vacation time.


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