Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Random Tuesday

So, what do you know, it's Tuesday.  Time for random.  Here goes:
  • Does November seem to be flying by?
  • It is looking decidedly winter here, except the blah brown and gray winter, not the lovely white winter.  I hope we get some more snow between now and Thanksgiving.
  • Turbo has rediscovered his hot wheel race track.  The kid had more than we thought he did.  The current track stretches the length of the attic and back.  He's having fun and I don't have to step around it, so he's good to go.
  • I'm going shopping this weekend, pre-Thanksgiving so I don't have to brave the insane crowds by myself. I'm looking forward to going.
  • It has been very windy here--60mph+ gusts over the weekend.  Sounds like a lot of wind but we get these winds once every two or so months.  I'm getting tired of the sound of crackly leaves blowing around though.
  • I mentioned yesterday that we put Bruiser in a big boy bed.  He loves it.  It is all Lightening McQueen decked out and he is a big fan.  Now we just need to repaint or replace the closet doors in his room.  Yet another project that needs doing.  Projects never end when you own a home.
  • I got my swap package and it was awesome!  Thanks so much Jennifer!  I'll be posting on it tomorrow.
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Seriously Shawn


  1. We've been getting those crazy winds here, too!!! Sometimes I feel like I have to grab ahold of something so I don't fly away, Dorothy-style! :o)

    We are working on turning part of our attic into a proper play space for my daughter, but it still has a way to go. I can't wait until it's done though and her and her friends can go up there. I'll probably save money on Ibuprofen that way. :o)

  2. November is, indeed, FLYING. Our company Christmas party is next Friday. Seriously. I can't believe it. And I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet! Yikes!!!

  3. I'm doing my shopping on Friday, to miss the crowds.
    And I hate wind. Absolutly hate it.

  4. I saw a video on youtube a dad did a HUGE hot wheels track. very cool.

  5. Yeah, I don't know who makes us think that once you own a home, you will just magically roll in and decorate and be done. It is a constant job!

  6. I can hardly wait for snow. All this brownness is depressing...

  7. We had crazy winds on Saturday and Sunday. It made for VERY windy family pictures OUTSIDE. Ugh.

    Yes. November is going at a rapid speed. December is fast approaching and I'm not ready!!!!!!

    Vandy, thanks for linking up and always making the rounds to our other link ups and leaving comment love. I really love that you do that. xoxo

  8. We get wind storms like that here too. It's insane. And yes November is going way too fast! I do t do the Black Friday crowds- not worth it.

  9. We don't even get snow. :( It just ices over and its always after the first of the year.
    I love doing things around the house . . . as long as its inside! I hate yard work and that is a never ending battle.
    I'm glad you liked your swap package! :)

  10. The fact that Christmas is rapidly approaching is freaking me out. I think we need to petition for an additional week to be added to November!

    The funny thing about projects is when you're done with the last thing the first one needs to be done again!

    Thanks for linking up!

  11. It was super crazy windy here all weekend. I thought I was going to blow away when I went out.

  12. I love the endless projects! At least right now because I'm so new to homeownership. :-) They might get old after a few years.

    Yes, November is FLYING by. I still can't believe it's the middle of November already.


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