Wednesday, November 2, 2011


So Halloween is up for We Want To Know this week.
Crazymama wants to know:
  1. How did you celebrate Halloween?  Trick or treating? Adult party? Trunk or treat?  We did the Scaramie downtown trick or treat with the boys Saturday and Monday night we went over to our cousins' house and went trick or treating with them.  It was a good night--out just long enough to fill the pumpkins and head home.
  2. What candy is your favorite/the first thing you steal from the kids?  I like the mini candy bars--jut enough to get the taste, but not so much I get overloaded on the sweetness.
  3. What kind of candy do you give out, is it your favorite?  Or something you know you won't be tempted to eat?  We give out the good mini candy bars because that's what we will eat.  No sense in wasting candy.
  4. How soon after Halloween do you take the decorations down and put away the costumes?  I'm going to be taking down Halloween decorations this weekend due to time issues.  Turbo's costume is already hanging up in the closet and Bruiser's needs to be washed and then it will be passed on to another little kid that it will fit next year.
  5. When do you decorate for the next holiday?  We don't really decorate for Thanksgiving.  But the weekend after Thanksgiving we will be headed to the mountains for a tree and start the Christmas decorating then.
And just a  taste of the cuteness that happened for Halloween here:

OK, now go see Mamarazzi, Queso and Crazymama for more We Want to Know!


  1. I'm so excited to get the Christmas decorations out! Holding myself back for a few more weeks...

  2. i need to take down the halloween stuff.

    the boys look cute.

  3. Re: your comment on my blog. We used to go out to this Xmas tree farm outside town and cut one but the last time, I had a serious allergic reaction. Wish I had noted which type it was because I'd love to have a real one again.

  4. I love those little mini bars! They're yummy!

  5. that play on your town's name.

    the boys are adorable!!

    thanks for linking up!!

  6. darling boys.

    i love mini candybars too. i can pass on the cheap stuff.

    thanks for linking up and playing along.


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