Monday, November 7, 2011

Quiet Weekend

Can I go on record at saying I hate the time change--even though this one is easier to adjust to, I still hate changing.
Saturday night at about 11:00/10:00 (depending on whether you changed the time before going to bed) we lost power.  It was out for about two to three hours.  No catastrophe, just a transformer that went wonky.   Not nearly as exciting as what Oklahoma got.
Nick got some drywalling projects done around the house.  He's quite sore and tired now.  But the attic is that much closer to being done-ish.  I'm looking forward to having him build me a shelf/bench/workspace for scrapbooking up there.  He also got some drywall up in the laundry/utility room.  Things are moving ahead for me to get better light in there.  So wonderful to have a handy hubby.
Walmart is playing Christmas songs.  I caught myself singing as I drove out of the parking lot.  It's an infection.  Can't they wait until closer to Thanksgiving?  The Thanksgiving area is pitifully small in both Walmart and Kmart.  Yeah, we have classy options for shopping in our town.
Turbo has rediscovered the fun of playing Lego Harry Potter years 1-4.  Since he is hoping for Years 5-7 for Christmas, I told him he should play through the first game again.  He had a ball playing Sunday afternoon.   Otherwise he spent the weekend in front of the TV downstairs.  Or reading as I demanded he do.  It was too cold to go outside for any length of time.
I got to sleep in on Saturday.  Nick got up with the boys and let me sleep until 8:30am.  It was awesome.  I did laundry, and on Sunday cooked ham bean soup.  Didn't really accomplish anything else.  But I feel relaxed, ready for this week to get going.
Really it was a quiet weekend.  Those are really good to have sometimes.  So how was your weekend?  Quiet and laid back, or something more exciting?


  1. Well, since I live in Oklahoma, mine was full of earthquakeness. It was kinda awesome and scary but I can finally say that I felt the earth move under my know, like that song from the 80's? HA!

    I'm glad you had a quiet, relaxing weekend! You deserve it!

  2. We forgot about the time change so we got up an hour early (at 3) and started our day. It wasn't until Tommy was on his way to work and the alarm on his phone went off the he realized what we did. He came back home until it was really time for him to go to work.

  3. I ran five mi,E's Saturday morning when it was only 41 degrees out! Yes I am insane, and yes I do live in SoCal- it should not be so cold! But we mostly had a lazy weekend.

  4. And that should say miles, I apparently can't type.

  5. I was pretty surprised to see that a local radio station is already playing Xmas music, though I admit to leaving it on for a bit. I pay for XM in my car and luckily, they're waiting until the week before Thanksgiving. It's still ridiculous.


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