Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy List

Time to list those things that make me happy this week.


  1. I'm happy that my package is on it's way for Swapoween.
  2. I am happy it snowed and looked so pretty.
  3. Having a clean kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, etc makes me happy.
  4. Playing Lego video games with Turbo makes me happy.
  5. Baking makes me happy.
  6. Wine.   A glass after little boys are in bed.
  7. New Mythbusters shows make me happy.
  8. Halloween makes me happy.
  9. Nick coming home makes me happy (unfortunately he has to go away for this one to work).
  10. Snuggling little boys make me happy.
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Jo Black said...

Halloween makes me happy too...it is my husband's birthday!

Connie said...

My husband LOVES Mythbusters! I sometimes watching with him....but I do not tell him that I enjoy it. HA!

Conni said...

mythbuster was on at our house the other night too, it was a re-run, but still funny to watch!!

Wine, yup, makes me happy too!!

Amy said...

Wow! Snow...we never see that and it's still in the 80's here!

sarajo said...

New Mythbusters?!?!? Yay!!!

I can't say snow is a good thing. But I know you need it to feel better (darn allergies!), so I'm glad that makes you happy. :D

becca said...

great list

Aubrey S. said...

Snow in October would not make me happy, but I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

Have a fabulous week!

Mamarazzi said...

we are big myth buster fans over here, esp the hubz!!

snow, already? gonna be a loooong fall/winter!

clean house makes me happy too!

thanks for linking up!

allstarme said...

I should drink more wine. I used to...

lynn said...

Oh gosh don't say the S word! LOL It's way too early for snow.


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