Monday, October 31, 2011


Do you remember when they would do the eye test at school and then send a note home with the kids who needed glasses?  When I was eleven I was one of those kids.  I took my note home to Mom and off we went to the eye doctor.
Turns out I needed glasses, but my eyes were not equally bad—one was near sighted and the other was far sighted with a slight astigmatism.  So I saw lights as a fairly clear center but they had a halo around them.  I put on my glasses for the first time and what do you know, lights didn’t have halos.
My first eyeglasses were frames that were wire rimmed and square.  They were on clearance and by the time I had worn them once to school and had them called granny glasses, I knew why.  Too bad getting another pair of glasses had to wait until the next year’s visit to the doctor.
Now days it’s far easier to get eyeglasses, and without breaking the bank.  You can even get eyeglasses online easy peasy.  GlassesUSA has them on line.  Or you can get a pair of sunglasses or reading glasses that look stylish and are less expensinve than the eye doctor charges.  Up to 110% less.  They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 
What’s even better?  A sale!  You just need your eyeglasses prescription and you’re good to go. 
Their fall sale is in full swing:
Fall Sale:
Buy any 2 pairs of glasses and get all 3 protective lens coatings AND U.S. shipping for FREE. Code: PERFECTPAIR
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So go visit
Or see their Facebook page to keep up with all the things happening at GlassesUSA.

This is a sponsored post written by me and all opinions are completely my own.

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