Monday, October 24, 2011

Another Monday?

Well, it was a weekend.  We did a lot.  Some of it was fun.  Some of it was less than fun.  I'll give you a list and you can see what we accomplished this weekend.

  • Nick and Turbo went antelope hunting and got a doe.  they left at 5:30 am on Saturday and were back in town by 9:00.  And that's with an hour and a half drive both ways to get to the hunting area.
  • I got the laundry done on Saturday (I had towels left but they don't count).  
  • Nick went through some of his art stuff and culled down the pile.
  • I went through my scrapbooking stuff and got quite a bit ready to send off on the paper swap I'm doing with Stacy from SLMPeterson.
  • Turbo had a friend over Saturday morning and then spent the afternoon with that friend.
And all that was just Saturday.
Sunday we:
  • Moved thigns around in the attic and got rid of some stuff that we really didn't need.
  • Reorganized and moved some stuff up to the attic that will be better stored up there.
  • Introduced Bruiser to the attic.  He loves it.  We have created a monster.
  • Saved a lost dog for it's owner, and then the owner found us and her dog.
  • I got to go to the used book sale at the library.
  • turbo spent the day hanging out with his friend again.  They rode bikes and played with their Bakugons (which I learned more about than I ever wanted to).
  • I vacuumed the living room.
  • Nick vacuumed the family room.
  • We got some of the meat from the antelope ground into burger.  It's wrapped and in the freezer.
All in all a very full weekend.  For all of it Bruiser was a typical two year old.  We had tantrums, obstinate moments, sweet moments, moments were I would have gladly sold him to any bidder.  I love him dearly, but wow, he is definitely two.
So, what did you do this weekend?


  1. sounds like a very productive weekend.

    two is exhausting.

  2. Sounds like you done good. Me? Not so much. The only thing harder to deal with than a 2 year old is a sick 2 year old. Little o has an ear infection and croup, and he was more than two handfuls!

  3. Hunting antelope! Wow, we don't have any of them around here. lol

    Glad to hear Turbo had a good weekend with his friend and that there was no more neighbour problems!!

  4. Your weekend was a lot more fulfilling than mine. I painted our master bedroom on Saturday, it took all day, then spent all of Sunday reminding everyone how sore my muscles were from painting. Got me out of a lot. :-)

  5. Antelope? Hmmm interesting. When I was a kid we always ate Elk my dad got during hunting season. I pretty much like any meat so I imagine Antelope would probably be pretty good too.


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