Monday, May 5, 2014

Star Wars Weekend

Well, mostly.  We had some great times this weekend and didn't really leave home to do it.
Saturday was a really nice day for us, even if the wind blew.  Nick and Bruiser hung out in the back yard while I went through the clothes we are storing for Bruiser to grow into. In the process I found some that Bruiser can wear:
Nick snapped a picture of our country bumpkin.
Yes that is hammock strung up behind him.  The pergola Nick put up is perfect for hanging the hammock and kicking back.
Turbo was feeling better, he had a cold the end of the week that kept him home.  He was getting antsy about being home, so he went out for a bike ride. Came home after a crash.  He turned his elbow into hamburger and got his hip and knee too.  Poor kid didn't move off the couch much the rest of the weekend.

Since Sunday was May the Fourth (Be With You), we did it up right and watched all the Star Wars movies.  We borrowed the first three and watched most of them.  The third movie gets a bit intense for kids.  Turbo wants desperately to watch it, but Bruiser is not ready for it.  We then watched the "Original" three movies.  The best in my opinion.
During all the movie watching, we made breakfast--alien arms (breakfast burritos)-- Star wars pretzels (well I tried to make the pretzels start wars shaped).  The light sabers, Leia and Yoda heads came out the best.

Speaking of light sabers, Bruiser spent most of the day recreating the light saber battles he saw in the movies with a paper towel roll.

Overall it was a good weekend.  Oh Man, I haven't even talked about the new stove.  Might have to save that one for Wordless Wednesday.
On to MMMM:
The theme this week is brass--lots of it or Jazz.  I'm not much of a jazz fan, but lets see what we can come up with.
First up: Henry Mancini Pink Panther Theme:

Kind of Jazzy: Audrey Hepburn with Moon River:

The Great Ella Fitzgerald with Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love)

Some interesting selections, hope you enjoy!


  1. We had been watching all the SW movies over the course of the last couple weeks; my kids seem to have found a renewed interest in them. Everything is a lightsabre now!

  2. Henry Mancini's Pink Panther Theme never gets old no matter how many times I hear it. I am a huge fan of the old Pink Panther movies. I actually have this as a ring tone for my DS. lol

    Sounds like y'all had fabulous fun with the movie watching, except for Turbo's bike wreck. Hey, those pretzels look really yummy! I have been meaning to make some, since last summer and haven't yet. Gotta get on that one fast.

    Gr8 having you on the dance floor. I enjoyed all of your jazzy picks! Have a tunetastic week.

  3. aww sounds like a fun weekend. Ive never watched star wars like EVER

  4. You definitely did it up 4th style! And had a fantastic weekend!

    Thanks for jazzing it up too :)


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