Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Random For Tuesday

And we still have snow on the ground, but it's no longer falling from the sky, so there's that. It's Tuesday!  Let's get ready to Random!
  • I am really hoping that Mother Nature breaks up with winter soon.  It's really time for her to start hanging with summer.  She flirted with spring, but winter crashed their party.  See:
  • There was enough snow for the boys to make snow angels:
  • I got some yummy dark chocolate Turtles for Mother's day.  Now I have chocolate for those trying moments.
  • Turbo is doing well with his no video game challenge.  He has been annoying his brother more, but playing with the things he has more too.  Once it gets nicer out he can go ride his bike. That will help with the energy he has.
  • I moved wrong yesterday and my back does not like me right now. 
  • I put nail polish on my fingers.  Sunday night.  It's still there and not chipped.  This is very interesting. It usually doesn't last at all. This just might start a new hobby for me. It is getting close to toe painting time (if the snow ever stops falling).

  • Spring in Wyoming, not a warm and fuzzy season, unless you mean the hat and gloves one must wear.
  • With the new stove I have decided that I need a pasta pot.  We cook pasta on average twice a week and it would get used. Now to figure out which one I want.
  • We will have to get Thullee a dog blanket/jacket for next winter.  He loves to be outside, but gets cold easily.
So, What's your random?
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  1. That's... a lot of snow! Insane. We do pasta a lot too; an actual pot might be in order. I always say I'd eat more rice if I had a cooker too.

  2. I have seen so many pics from back home. Ugh. Sorry you are dealing with that. It is pretty, tho. However, I am enjoying 85-90 degrees here. With some rain. :)

  3. We don't eat as much pasta as we used to, since two of us are sort of on a lowish carb diet. But when we ate pasta--man! Good times.

    You got snow and we finally got rain. 3 inches won't make the drought go away completely, but it makes a dent.

    I can't keep nail polish on my fingers, either. Must be all that work we do!


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