Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday 5--Come on Weekend!

Here it is already Friday!  I am ready for the weekend, but not totally ready for school to be out.  So on to the five things:
  1. We are sort of winging child care this summer.  My mom is taking three day a week and the other two we are patching together how ever it works out.  We will muddle through, but worrying about it has given me one or two sleepless nights. 
  2. Things are flooding around here.  We have water this year.  Lots of water. And it's raining today. Reduces fire danger. Increases the mosquitoes.  We will be sporting eu de bug spray in the next week or so.
  3. This has been a busy week for Turbo. Tuesday he had a field trip to the mountains.  Wednesday was class picnic at the park.  Thursday was field day and awards ceremony.  Today is a half day and he finished with elementary school. On to junior high, middle school, whatever you want to call it. I think he's ready for it.  Not so sure I am.
  4. Our weekends are booked for the next month it looks like.  This weekend is getting things ready in the camper for camping season.  Next weekend we celebrate Turbo's birthday party with his friends. Weekend after hopefully we can go camping.  Then the next weekend is Nick's birthday.  We get one weekend of no plans then it's Fourth of July. Busy, busy, but hopefully having fun.
  5. Turbo is almost through his month long challenge of no video games.  He has done well.  We gave him a pass for his birthday, but otherwise he has not played video games at all for the last 29 days.  He needs to get through tomorrow and then he wins the challenges and the $100 that Nick promised. We are pretty proud of the kid for pulling it off.
Now for 5 pictures:
This little man graduated.

This kid turned 11.

A rare moment of stillness from both.

the field trip.

The cactus are in bloom.
 Our weekend will be filled with activities.  How is your weekend shaping up?

Emmy Mom


  1. Sounds like you're going to be busy! We're looking at a bunch of busy weeks coming up too. Surprisingly though, my summer is pretty taken care of in terms of where Elliot will be. Thankfully!

  2. I sure remember juggling those daycare issues and I don't miss that part of lit'l ones but the field trips and birthdays.. I miss that a lot.. They just grow up way too fast. I'm sure your daycare will work out and I hope you can get some rest. School's almost out, you'll need all the sleep you can get! :)

  3. I bet my kids would give up video games for a month for $100, it would be very hard at first, but I bet he could do it.

    Sounds like the next month is going to fly by for you. Love when cactus bloom. Jealous of all your rain but not your mosquitos.

    Thanks so much for linking up


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