Monday, June 2, 2014

Bring on Summer

We are so ready for this summer.  Since Turbo got out of school on Friday we decided to get a new toy and go play with it.
Ready to play

The new sit on kayak

Water is cold, but that won't stop him.

Nick using the new kayak

Turbo trying out the blue kayak we got used for him.

Even the dog had fun in the water.
We had a nice weekend all around.  If this is any indication of how our summer will be, I am so ready!
Now on to MMMM:
Southern Rock is the theme this week.  Let's see, southern rock, well southern cournty rock should count:
The Charlie Daniels Band with The Devil Went Down To Georgia

The Georgia Satellites with Keep Your Hands to Yourself

38 Special with Hold On Loosely:

So there you have it--some souhtern rock, some southern country, not too far apart really.


  1. Girl we were rocking the same party here. Seems great minds do think a like after all.

  2. Enjoy summer. What a great toy. We think alike with songs. I love Hold on Loosely.

  3. I considered that Charlie Daniels one...glad I did not post it. :)
    Rock on...

  4. Ooh Summer has begun! Kids should always enjoy the time as much as they can :)

    I love that song keep your hands to yourself :)

    Happy Rocky Road Ice Cream Day!

  5. We use to have one of those too. They were tons of fun. Lots of repeats today so I guess great minds think alike. ROCK ON! Thanks for joining us today! See ya next time & have a rockin' week!

  6. My kids do not get out until next Wednesday. So, you beat me in the summer days. Enjoy your summer!

  7. First of all, that new 'toy' looks like so much FUN!!! :) I'm going to have to figure out an excuse to drive through Wyoming so we can stop and play with you, since we missed out on our trip out here! :)

    You picked some perfect songs for today for sure! :) Love 'em all! :)


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