Monday, June 23, 2014

Birthday Weekend and MMMM

Nick had his birthday this weekend.  Technically it was Saturday. His celebration started Friday afternoon.  The big get together was Saturday.  The star of the show was the brisket that Nick smoked.  It turned out pretty great for our first effort. We were going to garden but the urge never hit, so Nick babied his brisket, smoked a couple chickens to go with it and relaxed.  Turbo and I cleaned house and tried to make sure that things were ready for company.
The evening was wonderful.  Nick's dad even had a conversation with some family he wouldn't speak to for the longest time.  Quite the breakthrough.  Everyone who came had a great time.
Sunday, Nick went for a mountain bike ride first thing.  It's a really good thing none of us got really stupid celebrating the night before.
Later in the afternoon, Nick went with another friend out to try out the boat T had bought.  They had a blast.  Nick caught fish, they had weather, hail, and sunshine and the boat ran great. They came home with three large fish. Not bad for a day's fishing.
I spent Sunday finishing laundry, detailing the car and doing dishes.  It was a busy day and I missed my naptime.  I totally could have used naptime. But, I have a clean car, clean clothes, a dish free sink, so there's that.
Bruiser had an exciting weekend.  He got to go to his first movie in the theater with a friend of his.  He went to see How To Train Your Dragon 2.  He loved the whole experience. I got a rather garbled retelling of the entire movie and he can't wait to go to the theater again.
So that's a wrap for the weekend.  Off on vacation now, so have a great week everyone!

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  1. Nothing more fun that listening to a little one trying to re-tell you a movie... I remember my nephew when he was about 3 trying to tell me about a movie Mommy had taken him to see, and I kept guessing based on what he was trying to tell me, and he was so exasperated because I was getting it wrong. My friend finally figured it out - it was Ice Age 2. lol Glad to hear your hubby had such a fantastic birthday weekend! :)


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