Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Random Tuesday Time!!!

So let's start by saying that at least today is not Monday.  And on to the random:
  • I am paying on student loans from my second run through college.  My loan got sold, transferred, acquired, whatever by a new company.  I got the first bill yesterday from them and about had a heart attack.  They wanted three times what I was paying monthly to the previous company. I have not the budget to pay three times what I was paying before.  So I called them to see what was what. And spent like 45 minutes on hold with the absolute worst hold music.  It was like a cross between electronic music and elevator music and I think they had like four tunes that played on a loop.  I heard it 4 times through before they got to my call.   Up shot is the computer had a problem and I totally don't have to pay that much.  A new bill should be on it's way to me with a more realistic payment.
  • After that fiasco, I really needed a drink.  Wine anyone?
I think I need a couple of these for this weekend's camping trip.
  •  The mosquitoes have arrived.  Turbo got bit three times yesterday at the park.  Poor kid.  He does not do well with the mosquito bites.  Time to start sporting eu de bug spray.
  • Why are the last 5 to 15 minutes in bed in the morning the most comfortable?
  • I may be growing night owls.  Both boys love staying up late and then sleeping in.  I may be just a bit jealous that they can sleep in any morning they want to.  But strangely, on the weekends when Nick and I can sleep in too, they get up at O'dark 30 and are ready to face the day. My kids are nuts.
  • Father's Day is upon us this weekend.  I'm not sure what we are getting Nick.  A card of course, but I'm thinking that the boys and I need to go hit the great Wallyworld to see what might be available.
So what random do you have?

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  1. The mosquitoes are brutal here... have been for weeks. Could practically pick you up and walk away with you! Last night it was such a nice evening and I went for a walk - I was in constant motion, and even still, I got a bunch of bites. I can't stand the buggers...

  2. I hate mosquito welts!!!! (as if anyone enjoys them) Cringing at the student loan talk as my oldest will be a senior in high school next year! (glad you got it straightened out)

  3. I saw the sangria on pinterest...you'll have to let us know how it tastes! It looks wonderful!


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