Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Five--The 13th, AHHH

So, today is Friday, also the 13th.  I'm not really superstitious, except for the bad things come in threes. So in honor of Friday the 13th (the day, not the movie), let's do a bit of Friday fun.
First five things:
  1. We were going camping this weekend but it's going to be pretty windy--45 mph gusts at least. So instead we are staying home and working on some repairs the camper needs and hanging out with friends. Some meat will be grilled, and some TABs will be enjoyed.  We will get out camping, but not quite yet.
  2. My mom finally bit the bullet and got a newer car.  A 2011 Subaru. Still a standard and much fewer miles.  I am so glad she did it.  She also upgraded her phone to a smart phone.  Like me, she is certain that the phone it smarter than she is.
  3. We aren't doing a whole bunch for Father's Day.  Weather permitting we may head out to one of the local lakes with the new toys.  Nick would like that.  Take sandwich stuff and just hang out playing in the water and not doing much.
  4. My efforts to reduce my food intake are slowly showing results. It's so hard not to snack or over eat at meals--some of the food is just so good.  And carby snacks call my name. 
  5. Full moon tonight.  The full moon and my insomnia like to gang up on me.  I did figure out a fix though--2 of my melatonin tablets before bed and I will crash all night long.  I like sleep, but don't think that much melatonin is good for me all the time.
Now 5 pictures:
Goofy dogs...

Mom, really!?!
And that is my Friday the 13th, Friday 5.

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  1. The moon was pretty dang cool on Friday, it was also some sort of harvest moon or something? so it was more orange and really low in the sky at first. I am not superstitious either but it was pretty cool it was all of those things that it hasn't been and won't be again for many years.
    Sorry you weren't able to go camping, hopefully soon. My mom just has a regular old dumb phone, I don't think she will ever get a smart phone.
    Thanks so much for linking up. I was wondering if you would like to co-host next week? :)


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