Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Time

Whew, made it through the week.  Nick is back, today is a short day for me and it's time to think ahead to the weekend!
Just a few things to get out of the way first.  Like a confession or two:
  • I miss Nick when he's gone.
  • But having the bed to myself is kind of nice (for a limited period of time, then it gets lonely).
  • Turbo is having his birthday party with friends this weekend.
  • A swim party and sleepover.  
  • I'm going to be ready to drop on Sunday.
  • And so commences the clean up of the house, the figuring out what three tween age boys will eat,  trying to keep them occupied and not totally video game engrossed. 
  • And, sadly, I don't think the laundry fairies are going to stop by this week. 
  • They need to, but the outlook is poor.
Now to five things about this last week:
  1. My kids see the phone in my ear as the perfect signal to start rough housing noisily. Every stinking time Nick called they started in after they got done talking to him. 
  2. We have had nice weather for the last few days.  This means we need to water the grass. This also means the grass is attempting to turn jungle on us.
  3. Cooking for the kids and myself is more challenging than cooking for all four of us. I had beanie weenies and pigs in a blanket this week.  They are both good in their own way, but not on back to back nights.
  4. My mom was watching Castle when I got home one afternoon this week.  I continued watching.  I am now hooked.  Helps that TNT is running marathons of it right now.
  5. I have been craving the carbs this week--especially cinnamon rolls and sticky buns and caramel rolls and home made cookies.  I have also lacked the ambition to get up and made said goodies.  My hips are saying thank you for a lack of motivation.
5 pictures.
Flowers are blooming around here, finally.

Nick bottling his Plinial IPA.
Hoping we can get out and play again.

He succeeded in winning his challenge of no video games for a month.

How I feel right now.


  1. Just this morning I was thinking about how when we move we HAVE to buy a bigger bed. Some nights Carson will crawl in bed with us and I won't realize until the morning when I have no room and am dying of heat stroke.
    The kids do the same thing to me when I get on the phone, drives me nuts!
    Love the photos!

  2. I am so the same way with dinner when my husband is out of town, so easy to just say ah eat whatever. I haven't watched Castle, not sure if I dare add another show though :)

    Oh and you just reminded me I have a load of clothes in the washer!

    Thanks so much for linking up

  3. My kids are always their absolute worst while I'm on the phone. Drives me crazy!

    Hope Turbo has a fantastic party :)


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