Tuesday, June 3, 2014

On Random Things

So here we are on a Tuesday, having survived Monday.  Another one down, on to better things. Shall we see what random is knocking around my head today?
  • My mother needs to buy a new car.  She is resisting this mightily.  Her current car is 16 years old and has 200,000 miles on it.  She loves it because it's simple--no automatic anything. and it gets great gas mileage. However, she has been backed into twice in the last three months, she getting older and needs something that's easier to get in and out of, and something that will haul her stuff around to the functions she goes to. She's as bad about this car as guys are about getting rid of old shoes. I'm being as supportive as I can be, but she's clinging to this car like a safety blanket.
  • I found this on MSN from Country Living: 50 Things to do this Summer in 50 States. It's a slide show showing something to do in the summer in each of the 50 States.  What I thought was interesting was that while most of the things to do had to do with shopping or restaurants, Wyoming's recommendation was heading to the mountains and taking a scenic drive.
  • I'm home with the boys by my self this week.  Nick is out of town for work.  He'll be home late Thursday night. So far so good.  Last night I got all the sheets washed and back on the beds. Fed the boys and kept them entertained all with a migraine.  Thanks goodness for Aleve.  It sure helps with the more minor migraines that the weather give me.
  • This:
  • Turbo has been lobbying for a couch to put under his bed.  He has a loft and he wants a place to hang out with his friends in the area under his bed.  Nick has proposed that they build something to fit under his bed.  I saw a couple ideas:

  • And to finish off the random some wine thoughts:

I don't have parties large enough to need wine charms but these are great.

 What is your random today?
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  1. What about bean bag chair for under the bed?
    I am glad Monday is over too; actually made it to work today!

  2. I've had the longest week ever and it's just Tuesday. Hoping it gets better!!

    I love the couch idea under the loft! Great hangout spot :)

  3. Oh, the dreaded migraine... I had a bad headache on Monday night. I admire you moms who manage to get through one while still looking after the kids & doing your chores! I had to go to bed early and sleep it off.

  4. I absolutely love the furniture options! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

    Wine is always the answer...what was the question? ;)


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