Monday, June 30, 2014

Up and Down Weekend and MMMM

This weekend truly had it's ups adn downs.  Downs first.  Last week I did something to my back adn it hated me.  Much pain and discomfort, not able to move well and generally not a good time.  I saw the chiropractor and was on the road to mending by Friday.  And then Friday evening, while trying to keep the back from hurting I felt an entirely different type of pain beginning.  A kidney stone chose Friday night to decide to exit the building.  Commence excruciating, relentless pain.  For the record, far worse than labor pains. It finally stopped hurting about 3:30am.  Not the best way to spend a Friday night.
Saturday was a day  to rest and recuperate and do laundry.  Fun times.  But the up part of the weekend was that a friend was in town so we got together and had a fun evening drinking mojitos and exchanging stories.  Definitely the up side to the weekend.  Sunday was another lazy day.  Laundry was done and we did make dinner, but not much else happened.

Now for Monday's Music Moves Me:  It's the 200th week celebration so the theme is one song of celebration and then songs that describe you.  Let's see celebration:
To start the party off:  Brad Paisley with American Saturday Night.

Now for ones that describe me:
Redneck Yacht Club Craig Morgan, This one always reminds me of going camping--we don't have the lake but a bunch of campers, four wheelers and good times.
Another Brad Paisley song with Mud on the Tires.  An anthem of sorts for Nick and I. We love going out to get mud on the tires
So there are my picks for this week's MMMM.


  1. Sounds like you had a rough start to your weekend, but at least you're doing better this morning. Thanks for being a loyal 4M dancer, joining us week after week making our 200th celebration a kick it up good time!

  2. I love those songs but I have to admit, my kind of camping involves a cabin with running water!

  3. Oof, sorry about the medical issues. Sounds god-awful. But good music choices!

  4. Well kidney stones are awful but glad to hear you recovered and had a nice drink now that's what I call the perfect cure heheh!

    Nice picks ;-)

  5. I've never had kidney stones (knock on wood). but I know back pain can be awful. Worse than labor must be pretty bad! I'm glad you passed it.

    Looks like you've found some fun songs to represent you. Hopefully, the mud on your tires didn't slow you down on the way to the hospital.

  6. Some weekends just run us over and leave us flat on Monday!
    Glad you are feeling better though.

    Thanks for celebrating with us!

  7. Colette S and some days you are just plain flat on any given days,especially if you have PTSD.


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