Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Randomly Tuesday

And so July begins. Half the year gone in, it seems, a blink. Two more months of summer. July will be busy for us.  Lots of fun things planned.  Camping, our towns statehood celebration: Jubilee Days, A 3D Archery shoot in the great outdoors, summer school for both boys, swim lessons, A conference for Nick...
Yep pretty busy. So to start the month off let's get random:
  • I really want a do over on the weekend.  Passing a kidney stone (yes worse than labor) killed Friday night.  I want it back--pain free.
  • This I need:
  •  We are trying to pry the boys away from the Xbox.  Not that they play video games all the time, but they have found the Youtube and Amazon channels and spend time watching those.  The Amazon channel isn't so bad, but the Youtube that Turbo likes is watching other people play video games.  I really don't get the fun in that. They like it, though.
  • TNT came out with a series of TV movies called The Librarian. the main character, Noah Wylie, was a cross between Indiana Jones and Sheldon Cooper.  Adventure with magic thrown in.  They were fun movies and we kept hoping that they would make more.  Well, I learned last week that in December there will be a TV series on The Librarian.  So looking forward to it!
  • Story of my days:

  • We get to get back into exercising next week.  While the boys are in swim lessons, Nick and I will be swimming laps. Looking forward to it, really!
So what's up with you?  have any random things that don't really need a post all by themselves?  Put them all together and link it up with Stacy! She who is now Random Queen, or our fearless leader of the random!

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  1. Ha! I like the definition of parenting. Totally true!


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