Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday 5

I'm so ready for the weekend. Just have to get to the magical going home time.  This was a long week--not because it went slowly, but because I just felt off this week. Any way, time for Friday 5 with Emmy Mom.

5 Thoughts:
  1. I have a major case of the blahs right now.  My motivation got up and went on vacation without me. Mid summer blahs?  Maybe.  Coloring my hair might help me feel brighter...
  2. Bruiser is loving his taste of school. This Step Ahead program is pretty great.  He's excited to go every morning and babbles incessantly about what he did and who he got to play with. The only down side is he now eats constantly when he get home. I'm not sure why he has such an appetite, but he does. Growth spurt, being busy, who knows...
  3. Turbo got rubber bands to got with his braces this week.  He was less than enthused.  I'm not sure why he dreaded rubber bands so much, but he really didn't want them. How ever, he has them now.
  4. Turbo has been reading Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief. On his own, from a real book. I'm so very thrilled that he likes it. He even likes reading in the car. When I can't read, that is.  He would totally prefer mom read out loud on trips.
  5. We have five weeks until school starts again. And the Back To School bombardment has begun.  Walmart is all set up with displays and the sales are starting.  If I start shopping now, I'll lose the stuff, or it will get used before school starts. Trying to wait until closer to the day. 
5 pictures:
Someone's ready for the zombie Apocalypse.

With my sweetie at Bull Riding.

Super Moon!
Even Batman goes to the dentist.

Growing up so quick.
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  1. Yeah I feel kind of blah too. I keep looking at photos of summery things on Pinterest and I yearn for that carefree feeling, yet I can't find it.

  2. Oh girl I am so right there with you and the blah- I just have no motivation to get anything done! Even last night, kids were in bed my husband was working late and I just vegged in front of the TV!

    I hated when I had rubber bands too with my braces. But in the end braces are so worth it.

    Thanks for linking up.

  3. It must be something in the water cause I've had a blah week too! I'm hoping to get out of this funk soon.

    My daughter HATED the rubber bands. I don't know why either but she did. Thankfully we are just on retainers now. We are almost finished up!!!

    Hope you have a nice weekend!


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