Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Get Random!

Totally Tuesday and totally time to get random!
  • The heat has hit us.  We are approaching 90 during the day.  The only thing that saves us is that it hits the low 50s at night and thus cools off nicely.  Yep, 40 degree temp swings are normal for us here.
  • Turbo has a sore throat.  No fever, but he can't talk or swallow.  Nick will be taking him in for a check to make sure it's not serious.  I'm hoping it's not serious. We shall see.
  • Loved this:
  • We are planning on adding to our toy collection this weekend.  We want one more kayak.  Then we can all play in the water and as hot as it's been the water sounds pretty nice.
  • Grammer is so very important:

  •  So our dogs:
  • And for those of us who remember:

 Have a great week and don't forget to link up your random with Stacy! She who is now Random Queen, or our fearless leader of the random!


  1. I am SO glad my dogs don't bark at everything but they will bark when the garage door opens. So if I go out at night, they'll definitely freak out if it's 10 PM, which does not bode well for my sleeping children!

  2. Your randomness made me smile! BTW, we're at almost 100 degrees with heat index way over, and August will only be hotter.

  3. My friend has two little wiener dogs that go beserk EVERY time someone comes to the door - even when it's their own family members that they see every day. Takes about 30 seconds for them to calm down and stop barking each time the door opens. lol

  4. It's super hot here too. We are planning a lake trip for the weekend. No where better to beat the heat than in the water :)

  5. HAHAHA! I do remember those days of needing people off the internet so we could use the phone. On the flip side, I miss not getting interrupted by the phone whilst on the internet... ;)

    Our shelties are TOTALLY as described in that snark card... Lila, the Wheaten Terrier is not a barking fool like the others. Too bad the boys don't take a page from her book. ;)

    Sorry about the heat - at least you do get the cool down at night like we do here in WA. Something we *didn't* get in PA. I'm SO glad not to be there anymore. :)


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