Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wednesday Hodgepodge on Thursday

I'm a day late to this party, but still wanted to participate.  I used to a long time ago and found it again and thought why not?
So here are the questions:
1. "Summer is like childhood. It's full of warm memories and gone too soon."~Kellie Elmore  Agree or disagree? Share something you loved about the summers of your childhood. Looking back on my childhood I do remember it a lot like I remember summer.  Full of long days, time to myself, freedom.  It does seem to short looking back, but was oh so fun while it was happening.

2. Are you a fan of auto racing-NASCAR, Indy, Stock, Grand Prix, etc? Ever been to a race in person? Any desire to do this?  Do you know a lot about cars? Do you notice particular makes and models when you're out and about? Not a fan of any of the auto racing.  We do however love the British car show Top Gear. All I know about cars I've laerned from them, which admittedly is not too much. As for noticing cars--I notice cars like ours.  And the abundance of said cars when we get a new car.

3. What's something you think is too serious to be joked about? Or do you think anything and everything is fair game? It really depends on how the joke is made.  Anything can be funny, but being funny without being mean at the same time is a skill.

4. July 29th is National Lasagna Day. Are you a fan? Do you have a great recipe, and if so where did it come from? If given a choice would you choose a plate of lasagna or a plate of spaghetti? Lasagna is appreciated at our house by 75% of the family.  Bruiser is still not so sure of the mixed up foods. As for a choice--I think I like lasagna a bit more than spaghetti.

5. What's a simple pleasure you'd miss if it were not a regular part of your life? Reading.  Reading is a pleasure for me, maybe a necessary pleasure.

6. If you could be the CEO of any company, which would you choose? One of the publishing companies--getting to have access to books on an unlimited basis, that sounds like heaven.

7. August is just around the farewell to July in exactly seven words. A roller-coaster ride, but never not fun.

8. Insert your own random thought here.  We just had two days of rain and clouds.  It was really nice to see the sun today.

Link up with Joyce from From This Side of the Pond and have fun with the question!

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  1. Nice to see you back in the Hodgepodge! We like Top Gear at our house too.


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