Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday 5 and Confessions

I';m so happy it's Friday that I'm joining two different parties today.  First Friday 5 with Emmy Mom.
5 Thoughts:
  1. With August here, the craziness of July is over.  I swear, July was the month that kept on going.  We were so busy that we really didn't have time to enjoy until last weekend. I'm glad August is looking to be busy, but fun busy for us.
  2. I really like chai tea in the morning for breakfast.  The challenge is finding a decaf version.  I can have  the occasional caffeinated chai, but caffeine and I don't really play well together.  Or caffeine plays too well with insomnia and they gang up on me.  Either way I don't sleep so well when I've had caffeine. So decaf it is.  Which is not so easy to find in our little town.
  3. We are planning to take the kayaks out again this weekend.  Last weekend was so much fun. Maybe a touch too much sun, but all around a good time.
  4. We had a storm system move through last week and our temperatures have dropped back to the 70s during the day.  It's really nice to have cooler temps. I get chilly in the mornings, but the rest of the day is nice and pleasant.  We will see if these nice days last.
  5. I need to go through the boys' closets and clothes to see what I need to fill in on our annual run to the thrift stores for school shopping.  Sock, unders and shoes are about the only things I won't buy second hand. Everything else is fair game. The boys get one or two brand new things, the rest is thrift store finds.  Neither has complained yet.  I'm thankful for boys who aren't concerned with how they look.
5 pictures:
Hoping to go play with these this weekend.

Had so much fun last weekend.

Cooling off in the water.

Paddling back.

Some shooting will happen too.
And now for a few confessions:
  • My house needs some serious attention.
  • The dust dinosaurs are charging the dogs.
  • The bathrooms need some cleaning too.
  • The crazy house cleaning fairies obviously got lost again.
  • I really enjoy a good dark beer.
  • The coffee flavors and the dark chocolate flavors just work for me.
  • I like Scooby Doo too and I'm sad my boys have out grown him.
  • I prefer savory breakfast foods to sweet ones.
  • I need to figure out an exercise regimen that  I can do from home, that isn't wildly time consuming and interests me. Not so easy to find...
  • I have killed (or had help killing) 5 spiders in the last week in our bathroom.
  • This gives me the creepy willies.
  • Not sure which is worse--the fact that we have spiders or the fact that we have enough bugs to keep that many spiders alive in our bathroom.
  • Either way  "full boy shudder"!!
  • I could become addicted to salt and vinegar chips.  
  • Kettle cooked ones.  The regular ones are a bit overwhelming.
OK, that's a wrap for me this week.  Go see Emmy MOm for Friday 5 and go see Aubrey at High Heeled Love for Friday Confessions.


  1. Happy Friday! I love kayaking. And I love kettle chips salt and vinegar or dill pickle. Great minds think alike!!

  2. Always nice when it cools off- it has been in the upper 90's here, way too hot for me. This whole summer just felt like it went way too fast with so much going on. It was so fun, but yes, I am sad it is over.

    I agree about the breakfast foods.

    Thanks so much for linking up


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