Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer Fun and MMMM

We had a good old summer weekend this last weekend. There was river floating and hanging out and BBQs.  It was a really great weekend.  Want to see:

Nick and Turbo floated the river in our town.  Then on Sunday morning all four of us floated the river.  It was a really good time.  To bad the river level is dropping and there won't be enough flow for us to do it next weekend (barring another rain event).
We had three differnt bbqs this weekend.  Friday night was with a friend of Nick's.  Dinner was enjoyed, then an epic Halo battle ensued.  Fun adn good times was had by all.  Saturday evening we had Nick's folks over and it was pleasant, except for the fact I had a migraine.  Then Sunday we went over to a friend's house for an easy time doing nothing.  Again, a good time was had by all.
I truly love summer weekend like this last one.  Now for a few more before school starts.

And for MMMM it's freebie week.  What to choose, what to choose...
How about some summer fun?
Kenny Chesney  Summertime:

Alan Jackson  Chattahoochie
Sheryl Crow  Soak Up the Sun
Enjoy what's left of summer!!


  1. Great summer songs! I think I've run out of those summer feelings. I love barbecues and I was feeling this sense of camaraderie and food gathering there for a bit but now that school is imminent (just two weeks for the kids) I am back in prep mode. It sure goes fast...

  2. I like Sheryl Crow and Soak Up the Sun is a great summertime song. I can't believe it's August already, but I'm looking forward to autumn. I'm definitely not a summertime person. :D Thanks for joining the 4M crew this Monday!

  3. Perfect tunes for the summer and for all the fun you are having with your family! :)

  4. cool tunes. soak up the sun is my pick this week.


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