Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday, Let's Random!

Whoop!  Made it to Tuesday!  Now one more day and it's vacation time.  Or mini vacation time.  Whatever, we are leaving town.
But before that, let's have some random shall we?
  • Last night, Nick put the pedals back on Bruiser's bike.  He had been using it as a push/balance bike and was great at coasting.  So, we figured it was time to let him try out pedaling.
  • He managed to do pretty good.  He still needs to practice getting all the elements together at the same time, but he can ride a bike.
  • Turbo has orientation today. He's going to 6th grade and it will be at the middle school.  Lockers, different class rooms, different teachers, all that jazz. He's excited.  I more where did my baby go?
  • This is so true:

  •  Thullee loves the toys we bring home for him, however, he does tend to tear the stuffing out of them on a regular basis.  Or he has figured out the fun of playing this:

  • I may be a bit more outdoorsy than this, but it a place to start:
  • I hate it when shoes give me blisters.  It's been a really long time since I got blisters, but I now have three on my right heel.  And I really like those shoes too...
So that's my random. Be sure to link up your random with Stacy! She who is now Random Queen, or our fearless leader of the random!


  1. Man, I don't even know what it will be like to have a middle schooler! Crazy!

  2. I hate blisters too - I rarely wear ballet flats, they always seem to rub my heels the wrong way and give me blisters. Hope your gang has a great vacation!

  3. Wait until he graduates high school! smiles

  4. Un-build a bear...that's hysterical! :)

    Princess Nagger is glad that the elementary school in our district is still at the elementary school - she's jubilant that she gets to miss 'Middle School' altogether. ;) Crazy how fast they've been growing up, isn't it? My head is spinning.

    Blisters from new shoes you love are the worst. Will you be like me and power through the blisters to see if the shoes will eventually stop attacking? ;)


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