Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday 5

Time for 5 thoughts and 5 pictures from the last week:

Emmy Mom

5 thoughts:
  1. We have just over a week until school starts.  Time has been whizzing by so quickly!  Tomorrow we will be wrapping up school shopping for the boys.  How has it come up so fast?
  2. And we have dishwasher issues again.  The slightly used dishwasher we got from friends has developed a leak.  We will be checking to see if it's fixable this afternoon.  If not, new dishwasher bound we will be...
  3. Next week we are giving summer it's last hurrah!  Off to the Black Hill to take in the sights and experience tourist crowd and have some fun with the boys. Since we will be luxury camping--electricity, water and bathrooms (flush toilets and showers, yippee!), but sleeping in our pop-up, I'm excited about it.
  4. I have discovered that artificial sweeteners give me migraines.  Well, if I have a lot all at once. So only the occasional regular soda and much more water for me.
  5. I went to the dentist for a teeth cleaning yesterday.  Sadly I have a cavity.  I hate the dentist. Necessary evil, I guess.
5 pictures:
New furniture in our living room.

Love my new chair, but I need a footstool.

On the new stuff I'm able to snuggle with my boys.

Guinness did great on our small hike in the mountains last weekend.

Thullee loved rock hopping around the lake.
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  1. Sometimes, if I don't drink a Coke Zero for a while and then have one, I will also get a headache. I had one yesterday that wouldn't go away, even with meds. Enjoy your last week before school starts!

  2. They say artificial sweeteners are the devil... I haven't noticed any side effects personally, but I have cut back significantly on using them anyways. No more sweeteners in my coffee, and Diet Pepsi is now just a once-in-a-while special treat.
    Have a fantastic time camping next week! Luxury camping is the only way I go! haha!

  3. Migraines are never fun! Glad you realized the cause. The couch looks great and so comfortable. We need a new dishwasher too, all of the wheels are falling off of the basket, it is annoying. I hope you have a great time on your last getaway!

    Thanks for linking up

  4. Enjoy your trip. I love camping as long as I have electricity and water!

    I have a cavity and have been putting off going to the dentist. I hate dentists too!


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