Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday 5--It's Already Friday?

Man this last week flew by.  Granted, it was a short week for us workwise since we took Monday off to shuttle boys to their first day of school, but it still seems to have gone by rather quickly. That is a good thing since we have a lovely long weekend coming up.
Now for the Friday five!

5 thoughts:
  1. Getting back into a routine was not as hard as I thought is would be.  Now the challenge is adding meal planning back into the mix.  We've been sort of winging dinners recently.  I really must start planning, and planning on using what we have on hand more effectively.
  2. I am going to do Jillian Michaels' 30 day shred for the month of September.  I need to do something to kick start myself and I think I can commit 20 minutes a day to that program.  I just have to modify all the jumping jacks.  My bladder does not get along well with jumping jacks. Vigorous running in place will work right?
  3. Both boys have survived their first week of school.  Turbo is enjoying 6th grade.  He's taking french and pops off random french words.  With any luck this will refresh french for Nick, who also took it in school--6 years of it plus a couple years in college. Bruiser is also loving Kindergarten.  He adores his teacher and is being so diligent about the papers he brings home and loves telling us about what he is doing in school.  
  4. Labor Day weekend is coming up.  We have no major plans.  This weekend the weather never really cooperates.  At least we aren't attempting to do major home do it yourself work.  Last year we redid the fence.  This year Nick is planning on getting his archery hunting equipment rounded up and ready for the season and I want to get laundry done.  Yep, big plans around here.
  5. We have had rain recently.  More rain than I'm used to really.  We had almost 2 inches in July and are heading toward 1.5 inches this month.  We are usually happy to get half an inch a month.  Things have been damp, humid and strange.  Our usual humidity level is around 30% if we are lucky. The 60% and higher is just weird. I'm totally looking forward to seeing tons of snow this winter.  Yep, I said it.  Snow.  We should have our first batch by mid October.  Probably earlier the way things have been going.
5 pictures:
Ready to tackle 6th grade.

Kindergarten bound!
Crazy bed head while camping.
Family picture.

Jones type selfie!
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  1. We had some crazy rain here this past week too! We definitely enjoyed the break from 100+ degree weather! Go you for getting into a routine. I need to start meal planning again! So much better and easier on our family when I do!

  2. Glad to hear the back-to-school transition went smoothly!
    And I'm a big believer in modifying exercises to work for you - as long as you're moving, it's all good! Good luck with the 30 Day Shred! :)

  3. Yea! So glad back to school went so well. Lobe your family picture while camping, what an awesome location! I need to get into a better dinner cooking routine myself. So easy to let it go during thr summer.
    I cannot even imagine snow that early, brr! But glad you like it.

    Thanks for linking up

  4. Awesome! Love your pics! Have a great Labor Day weekend!


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