Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Let's Get Random

Oh Tuesday, so far you have masqueraded as a Monday.  Please stop.
On to the random:
  • Nick was a busy guy yesterday.  His dad had knee surgery and he wanted to be available for his mom, so he took a personal day and because he can't sit still he made a new deck for us in our front yard:
From this...

...to this!

  •  It's by our front door and tucked behind a boxelder tree and a planter.  It's an area that's shady most of the time and was relatively unused, so now it looks so much better and we just need nice chairs to sit on there.  I'm thinking it needs a couple Adirondack chairs...
  • I have two and half more weeks with kids at home.  Only two and half weeks to figure out kiddo care.  Then it's off to school for both off them.
  • Turbo had his sports physical yesterday.  Poor kid had to get two shots. But he's good to go for swimming and track this year.
  • I am daily amazed at the words that flow from Bruiser's mouth. He can talk constantly. And about absolutely nothing. It really is impressive sometimes.  Other times I just want him to put a sock in it. I love him, but I wish he was quieter.
  • This joke gets a lot of mileage at our house:

  •  Then there's this:

  •  And this could be my new motto:

  • Nick and I have an anniversary coming up--our 16th on Friday to be exact.  How have 16 years gone by since we were looking so fresh faced into the future?  More on that later.
Anyway have a great Tuesday. It can only go up from here, right?
Be sure to link up your random with Stacy! She who is now Random Queen, or our fearless leader of the random!


  1. Nice looking deck! And congrats on almost 16 years. Crazy!

  2. Holy moly your hubby is a talented dude! That deck looks amazing!!! And yes, I think a couple of Adirondack chairs would be the perfect compliment. ;)

    Bruiser sounds like Little Dude - sometimes I think he just likes the sound of his own voice. And yes, I'm right there with you, some days I wish he were quieter! :)

    It took me a minute, but I GOT IT! I figured out which joke you were referring to with that picture. Hilarious!

    Happy (early) Anniversary! You've got 5 years on us, but cool it's the same month! :) It's hard to believe how fast that time has flown, isn't it? Crazy.

    Here's hoping the rest of the days of your week don't pose as Monday. ;)


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