Monday, July 21, 2014

Blah and MMMM

Still not over the blahs that have taken over my motivation.  This last weekend I accomplished nothing.  Absolutely nothing. Oh, dishes got done and the kids are still alive and fed and relatively clean.  The same thing can not be said for my house.  I just could not motivate this weekend.
Nick was very busy with the 3D archery shoot he helped to put on.  He was up at the shoot Friday setting up.  All day Saturday registering people and then shooting the course himself and then again Sunday morning for the competition. He did well enough to get third place in his group. 
Bruiser had a birthday party to go to yesterday afternoon and he had a blast.  Pirate parties are always fun.
Otherwise, I didn't do much of anything.  It got hot and I think my tush got glued to the couch.  Oh wait, I did do one thing--I colored my hair again.
From this too...

I really do like the darker better.  I also repainted my toes.  So I got some self grooming done this weekend.  Not a stellar accomplishment, but hey, it works.

Now for MMMM--It's a freebie week!  So let's see what we have to listen to today:

Don Henley The Boys of Summer:

Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff with Summertime:

Jo Dee Messina Heads Carolina Tails California:

What are you feeling the Monday morning?


  1. Love the hair color looks so good and great song choices had me dancing for sure.

  2. Nice choices my fave was Boys Of Summer I remember buying that on vinyl in the day heheh!

    It amazes me how just a change in hair colour can make such a different look, you looked fine before but you do look so different darker I like it ;-)

    Have a dyetastic week ;-)

  3. Don Henley is great. That is such a great song.

  4. I like the new hair color! Sometimes it hard to get motivated. I wish I had more motivation to go the extra mile each day, but I'm stretch to do what I do it seems. :( Oh well, there's nothing like dancing on Mondays and you put some good ones up for us to boogie to, especially The Boys of Summer ~ love it! Have a tunetastic week, Vandy!

  5. I like the hair color change. It works for you well.

    Love the music too. Great Summer picks!

  6. I've done nothing for the entire summer, and my vacation ends in one week. :(

  7. I've done nothing for the entire summer, and my vacation ends in one week. :(

  8. I've been feeling blah since school let out. I've got three kids going off to college! Feeling empty nest early.

  9. I definitely like your hair darker

  10. Don Henley always comes up great in whatever he does & Will Smith might be a great actor, but I love his tunes too! YOU'VE ROCKED THE HOUSE FOR SURE! Thanks for sharing and joining us!


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