Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Things to ponder:
  1. Why is it so hard for kids to get up for school and so easy for them to be up at the crack of dawn on a weekend?
  2. Why does each and every drink require a new cup?
  3. How can clouds hold so much rain?
  4. Why are scones so very yummy?
  5. Why are Hidden Object games my catnip?
  6. Why are five year olds so very picky about food?
  7. Why does a cold beer on a hot day taste so good?
  8. Why don't dryers fold the clothes too?
  9. Why can't I sleep through the night, or why does insomnia like me so much?
  10. Why does time zip by so fast on a weekend, but so slowly during a work day?
Have a great Wednesday!


  1. I love hidden object games! There's this one called Vacation Quest that rocks.

  2. Your so right about the weekends- they never seem to slow down!!


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