Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday 5--Summertime!

Woo Hoo it's Friday and I get a dishwasher!  Doing without one has been not so fun.  I didn't think I put that much in the dishwasher, but I sure have been doing tons of dishes since the stupid thing crapped out.  Anyway on to the Friday 5.

5 Thoughts:
  1. Dishwashers are wonderful things.  I truly did not realize how much I really used it until it wouldn't work any more.
  2. I now have something to look forward to.  We are taking the boys up to the Black Hills and staying in a campground and taking in the sights the end of August.  Just before the boys go to school. Sort of a last hurrah for summer road trip.  We will finally be taking the boys up there in the summer and checking out all the touristy things that can be done.
  3. 4 weeks til school starts here. $ full weeks of freedom for the kiddos left. Summer is just zipping by. Here's hoping we can enjoy what's left.
  4. Turbo is back among the living again.  He got sick on Monday, with what we thought was just a sore throat, but by Wednesday morning he was coughing, stuffy and miserable.  Summer flu sucks.
  5. I have totally been sucked in by Castle--the TV show.  I love the interact of the characters and the story lines and all.  It's just a show that clicked for me.  It's awfully nice that TNT runs the reruns so often.
5 Pictures:
A brighter me with red hair.

Hanging in the hammock

Bed Head!!!

My hollyhocks--so multicolored!
Swim Lessons!!
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  1. Love your hair! Looks pretty. Yea for a dishwasher! We didn't have one in one of our apartments when we were first married and the dishes with just the two of us were horrible, I can't imagine a whole family and no dishwasher. Glad Turbo is feeling better.

    Thanks so much for linking up

  2. I can't imagine life without my dishwasher. Seriously, it's such a luxury.

    Your trip sounds fun. My poor kids only have 2 weeks till school starts. Summer has flew by.

  3. Yea for the dishwasher. I went for two weeks without a microwave. I never thought of how much the appliance gets used. Have you tried homemade dishwasher detergent or vinegar as a rinse agent?


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