Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Why, Oh Why?

Time for another why post:

  • Why is it I can have the best intentions to cook dinner and when dinner time arrives, my motivation is completely gone?
  • Why do the last 15 minutes in bed feel the most comfortable?
  • Why are my kids and I walking buffets for Mosquitoes?
  • Why are kids night owls when the parents can't sleep in, but when we can they are up at the butt crack of dawn?
  • Why does it seem like Father's Day is rushing toward us so fast?
  • Why are carb laden snacks so appealing?
  • Why do wine and chocolate make the day better instantly
  • Why is the enthusiastic greeting we get from Thullee so pleaseing?
  • Why is "Narf" the word of the moment for 11 year old boys (or at least my 11 year old boy)?
  • Why is that the full moon seems to make sleeping impossible for me--or at least sleeping all night?
  • Why are spider voyeurs?
  • Why do I find them in the tub so often?
  • Why is Good Eats a show that all of us like?
  • Why is binging on a TV show so satisfying?
Well that is a few why questions.  Usually there are no answers.  Do you ask why?

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