Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer Goals--2014

Here are some summer goals in pictures!
1. Do quite a bit of camping:
Camping Jones style.

S'more eating.

Campfire tending.
2.  Play with our water toys:

3. Smoke meat and enjoy good company:
Chicken on the smoker.

Dinner al fresco with family.
4.  Read some good books--or perhaps some good trashy novels:

Perhaps not these books in particular, but I love a good romance.
5. Take a good road trip with the family. 

There, 5 attainable goals for the summer.  Not really setting my sights too high, but if we can accomplish all of these, we will have had a very full summer.

3 comments: said...

Sounds very fun and very doable!

Marie Moody said...

What fun pictures. Stay safe and have tons and tons of fun! Thanks for sharing your good times.

Mary said...

We plan on doing some camping, too! Love it!


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