Monday, June 9, 2014

What a Weekend!

Talk about jammed packed.  We did oh so much this weekend.  Friday night was the most relaxed we had really.  We sort of winged dinner and just took a moment to enjoy having Nick back and the ability to not do much at all.  I did start laundry but that was about it.
Saturday we cleaned and got things ready for Turbo to have a couple friends over to celebrate his birthday. Once they arrived we headed to the rec center for some swimming fun (a veiled attempt to wear them out. It failed miserably). Then back home to hang out and grill hotdogs for them, and pork chops for us. We had some other friends over and they brought some food to grill too. It was a nice evening until Bruiser got knocked over and wounded.

Everyone finally got settled down to watch movies and quiet sort of reigned.  I did finally tell them to try to sleep about midnight.
The next morning I made cinnamon roll monkey bread. Huge hit, but next time I think I will make it with three cans of cinnamon rolls. I only used two and it was gone in seconds.
Sunday was smoking day.  We smoked meat, not anything else.  A pork shoulder and a whole chicken. Our only issue was that it started raining and got kind of cold resulting in Nick dressing this way to tend the smoker:
The meat turned out really good though:
Here's the chicken. So good!
We again had family over for dinner--my mom and my cousin.  Also, my mom's new gentleman friend.  She's been seeing him for about a month and he's just great.  The nicest guy she's seen in well, forever. He's really pretty normal.And not a charity case, so that's new for my mom.
So over all it was a very successful weekend.  Not terribly high on the relaxing part but it was very fun.

Now on to MMMM.  This week is freebie week. I had a friend over last night to watch the CMT awards.  We like to see the performances, criticize the dresses and skip the commercials and acceptance speeches. Any way while we were watching she recommended a new group to me.
Here is Magic with Rude:

Katy perry is doing a show on CMT with Kacey Musgraves.  Here they are together singing Roar:

And another one from Kacey Musgraves, The Trailer Song:

And last to rock out the week, Eric Church with That's Damn Rock and Roll:

Hope the week goes well for you!


  1. Your chicken looks delicious. Add a little music and your good to go. I'd especially like listening to Katy Perry at the barbecue.

  2. I enjoyed all of these. THe first one was really good choice of your friends!

  3. I hear kind of a reggae beat in that song Rude.

    Thanks for sharing these fun tunes.

    Glad you had a rounded weekend!

    Happy Summer

  4. Crazy weather, but your hubby just fits in no matter what. Mmmm I can smell that chicken all the way over here. Luvin your tunes & you really rocked it out at the end! Alright you definitely ROCKED THE HOUSE TODAY GIRL! Thanks for joining us! Have a great week.

  5. Monkey bread so yummy. Love the pairing of Casey and Katy this show is going to rock.

  6. The grilled chicken looks devine. Beats my crock-pot chicken any day.

    Isn't funny how top 40 singers are now performing with country artists? Funny, huh?


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