Wednesday, June 18, 2014

On Gardening

I have a love hate relationship with gardening.  I love the results, hate the process, dirt and bugs.  Especially the bugs. Things with more than four legs creep me out.
But Nick loves to garden.  He got the gardening bug from his parents, who love planting adn having green stuff growing, blooming and producing.
Our gardens have had cycles.  For a while we were collecting rocks to create some truly lovely rock gardens in the areas between the sidewalks and streets.

We really did well with the gardens for a few years, then life got in the way and they became overgrown jungles of cat mint and grass.  We are just beginning to tackle the jungles and redo the rock gardens:
Behind this garden you can see some of the cat mint jungle.

It's going to be lots of work, but in the long run, they will so pretty to look at.
Stacy Uncorked

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  1. Not a single person in our house gardens ... but we recently created 2 flower beds ... they are still alive but I don't know for how long.


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