Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday 5--Road Trip Edition

Time once again for the Friday 5.
  1. My back is really out.  I twisted and my back said nope, not happening.  At least it happened after the road trip was over.  This would ahve been a nightmare to ahve to sit in the car with for hours.
  2. The boys were really great on this road trip.  Only minorly annoying.  They got to see some really cool country and I finished the book we have been reading on road trips.  Turbo is excited to start the next series about these characters. The miles do fly by when mom is the book on tape.
  3.  Nick's birthday went off without a hitch.  The food and the company was fantastic!
  4. We have been having some interesting weather around our parts.  Thunderstorms, the occasional tornado, hail, downpours.  Far more normal weather for this time of year. We will take all the water from the sky we can get.
  5. Laundry this weekend again.  I try to tackle it every two weeks, but that puts me doing laundry while we are camping and that just doesn't work, so small, quick loads this weekend and next weekend I don't have to worry about it.
Now for some pics:
Fun at the dinosaur museum



Spidey crashed the birthday party.

The smoke master readying the feast!
 So do you ahve a Friday 5?  Link it up with Emmy Mom!


  1. So sorry about your back, not fun at all, glad it was after the trip though. I have found I like doing two loads of laundry a day, I do a clothes load and then like a towel load that i can leave in the dryer until the next day, otherwise I just pile up the clean laundry forever.

    Love all the dino museum pictures.

    Thanks so much for linking up.

  2. We had a crazy storm come through last night. I was running the tub for Baby Girl's bath and when I turned it off, I felt like I still heard it running but it was the torrential downpour! But it only lasted about ten minutes then got sunny again. Totally weird.

  3. Stopping by from the linkup! Love the pictures from the dinosaur museum! I hope your back feels better soon!

  4. I enjoyed reading your Friday Five.

    Looks like the family had a great time with the dinosaurs.


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