Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Turbo Challenge: Unplug

Starting next month Turbo is taking on a challenge.  As anyone who knows a 10 year old kid must know, they love video games.  Turbo is no exception.  The kid would happily while away hours, days, weeks playing video games if we let him.

Nick came up with a challenge for him a month or so ago.  Could Turbo go 30 days without video games?  If he does he get $100 to do with as he pleases (within reason and mom and dad's approval).  Turbo thought about it and decided he would like to try.  He thought that it would be better to do it while school was in session, so he didn't have as many ours to fill during the day--less temptation.  He has plans to read both with me and on his own--he has discovered that chapter books aren't so scary. The weather is warming up (not that you'd believe it today) so he will be able to ride his bike and take the dog for walks.  He has Legos and music in his room to hang out with.  He's really looking forward to the challenge.
The one exception day is his birthday.  Nick allowed that one day to give an exception to the no video games rule.
So starting tomorrow, the xbox, wii, playstation, and games on his kindle are all off limits.  We shall see how this goes.  I'm hoping that unplugging Turbo from the video games doesn't drive us all nuts. I think he can do it, he just needs to keep his eye on the prize.

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