Monday, April 28, 2014

Dreaming Monday

Not dreaming of Monday, but dreaming of a better day of the week.  Or maybe location to spend Monday.  Monday on a beach somewhere would be fantastic.
Where to begin with this weekend?  One thing, we got this kid back:
His selfie on the bus returning from his trip.
He had a fabulous time at the Teton Science School. He was however, ready to come home.
Saturday was a fairly normal day--laundry, clean house and such.  Nick brewed a batch of beer, The kids went to Papa and Nana's house to help plant some stuff in their greenhouse, and I got a nap. 
After my nap I prepped and put the pork loin roast in the oven.  We were all looking forward to having some.  I was doing some dishes up and Nick asked what was on fire in the oven.  It is an electric oven, there should not be fire. Well, we had sparks, fire and a dead element when it was all said and done. Nick and I took this as a sign.  While we were not planning to replace the stove this quickly, we were planning to move to gas in the near future.  It just happened sooner than we expected. My new gas range will arrive Friday.  This give Nick time to run the gas line up and a outlet down for the new stove.
Sunday was quiet, the boys gamed out and we went to buy the new stove and arrange for delivery and disposal of the old stove.  Thullee wanted out mid afternoon, so I let him.  Nick had closed the gate to the front yard and after a while I thought he had been out for quite a while without wanting back in, so I went to check on him.  This is what I found:
Poor dog was stuck.  He got up, but couldn't figure out how to get down. Oh, and yes we did have snow off and on all day on Sunday.  Our weather is being brought to us by Sybill. It was 60 degrees on Saturday.
So with the weather in mind I am spending part of today dreaming of summer activities.
MMMM is a freebie, so since I want summer and the fun it brings let's find some summer songs:
Summer Girls by LFO:

Kid Rock, All Summer Long:

Rascal Flatts: Summer nights:

So, I'm dreaming of summer fun.  Camping, get togethers, easy summer evenings hanging out outside, the smell of sun screen and bug spray. It's so close but so far away still.


  1. Hey now, if this music doesn't warm you up and getting you rockin' today, then nothing will!

    Love all of the picks today.
    Have a good week!

  2. sorry your oven broke but hey new is always fun :)

    aww poor doggy LOL!

  3. His selfie just shows one tired little boy, but his best friend can't wait until he gets there. So cute. Luvin Summer Nights is too cool. I'm so ready for some Summer Nights!!! Thanks for sharing. It so put me in a better mood!

  4. Sorry to hear about your oven. We recently switched from electric to gas and I love the gas 10 times better. Hopefully you will too!!

  5. LOVE the selfie! And I was cracking up when I saw the pic of your dog stuck up that ladder on Facebook. Never a dull moment around your house, is it? :)

    LOVE your song choices! Hope Mother Nature cooperates and stops her menopause mode soon! :)

  6. If I lived in your neck of the woods I'd be dreaming about summer, too. It makes me SO grateful to live where we do. The temps we had over the weekend made me think summertime. I like spring better than summer, and fall better than winter. But, I do enjoy the change in seasons so I am happy to experience each one even when I am complaining. Gr8 tune choices for the 4M to boogie to. Thanks for joining us on the dance floor. Have a tunetastic week!

  7. one other Summer tune comes to mind,Seals and Crofts Summer Breeze

  8. these so make me long for summer!
    Love the Kid Rock -- one of my fave summer tunes.

  9. Ahh yes you can tell he was ready to come home.

    And a new oven will be squealed over :)

    Thanks for sharing the music!


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