Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Kindergarten.  Bruiser goes to Kindergarten this fall.  He's growing up so very fast. It all came home yesterday--registration for fall Kindergarten classes is this week.
Five years ago I had a three month old and was just starting a new part-time job.  My mom came to watch the baby in the mornings while I went to work.
About three months old here.
He was such a snuggly baby. It's still easy to see the baby in his face:
He is just so very cute.
We have had our struggles with him.  Potty issues, which are mostly resolved now thank goodness. Sleeping was rough for him as a baby.  But now he sleeps like a champ, even he does talk in his sleep.
He's a sensitive soul.  Look at him crosseyed and he'll cry.  Unless he's mad at you.  Mom!  That doesn't make me happy! How many times have I heard that?  Too many to count.
And now, after a year of preschool, he's headed to kindergarten. He's ready.  In a way I am too.  It means less will be required of the grandparents in the kid care realm.  It means he's going to become more independent.  I know he's going to love learning.  He loves having books read to him and he's soaked up the teaching he's gotten this year.  He surprises me with what he knows every day.
So, Kindergarten. Next fall will be bitter sweet.  My last baby heads to full time school. Part of me wants the snuggly baby back, the other part is going woo hoo!

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  1. awww hes adorable :) it is bittersweet isnt it

  2. It's such a big milestone! My youngest starts kindergarten in the fall. He's ready, I'm ready... but I'll probably still tear up a little bit.

  3. my daughter is off to kindergarden too!! I can't believe it.

  4. I remember feeling that same way when my youngest was heading to kindergarten only a part of me got really crazy and thought I might want to have another baby! I didn't - thank goodness - and even though I bawled like a baby dropping Tommy off, by the time I got in the car I was like, woo hoo! :D


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